Mail.Ru mail for business

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by Mail.Ru Group

A service for work emails with the possibility to connect your own domain. And creation of mailboxes for colleagues on this basis.

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Mail.Ru mail for business description

Mail.Ru Mail for Business is a corporate service with a mailbox, personal domain name and additional tools to help you manage your business.

Differences from the usual Mail.Ru box:

  • Limitations on the volume of the box have been removed.
  • Reliable protection against hacking, viruses and spam.
  • Ability to view and edit files directly from your email.
  • Work with any type of device.
  • API access.

Additional tools for the business package:

  • A 100GB cloud for storing and sharing all kinds and formats of files.
  • Calendar for storing events and organizing events.
  • Agent for timely notification of employees and fast convenient communication.
  • Possibility to transfer mail and correspondence archive from the old mail server.
  • Online viewing and editing of documents.
  • Storage of all data on the territory of the Russian Federation.

App included in the package

Prices for Mail.Ru mail for business

Minimum 27 $
Check out Trial period 0
Check out Tariff-free 0
Payment method: By subscription 0
The cost of access to the advanced version depends on the number of users, from $27 per month for 100 users.

Mail.Ru mail for business features

Security and privacy

Check out Protocol access HTTPS Data between you and the service is transmitted over an encrypted channel (SSL / TLS), which excludes their interception by intruders. 77
Check out Multi-factor authentication The combined use of several factors reduces the risk of data leakage (in addition to a password, cards, fingerprint scanners, and others are used). 40
No Backing up in multiple locations Backing up your data to multiple independent locations makes it virtually impossible for it to be lost or damaged. 56


No Included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs The service is in the register, which the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia created in accordance with article 12.1 of the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and information protection", in order to expand the use of Russian programs, to confirm their origin and support copyright holders. 43


No Call recording 21
Check out Work from different devices 16
No Call distribution 8
No Statistics 13
Check out Notifications 15
No Working with SMS 6
Check out Search 6


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