There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его
by Google Inc.

Free email from Google. Offers access to your inbox via a web interface and the POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. You can access all Google services from it.

Gmail description

Gmail is one of the most well-known email services at the moment with advanced features. The user is provided with 15 GB of memory, spam blocking and mobile access. The user can access Gmail using both secure web interface and POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.

Custom color labels allow you to neatly organize threads (conversations), and automatic sorting of certain mail in separate tabs is available.

The main features of the Gmail email service:

  • Instant viewing of attachments.
  • Free data storage.
  • Custom Themes.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Getting the user box.
  • Flexible contact list.
  • Spell check.
  • Filters for messages.
  • Autosave.
  • Viewing Discussions.
  • RSS support.
  • Account access log.
  • Autofill.
  • And other things.

App included in the package

Gmail contacts

Founded in 2004 
Located in the USA

Prices for Gmail

Minimum 0 $
Check out Trial period 0
Check out Tariff-free 0
Payment method: One-time license 0
The service is available for free for personal use, with 15 GB of free space. For business it is paid, from $5 per user per month.

Gmail features

Security and privacy

Personal Information: Are going 23
Check out Protocol access HTTPS Data between you and the service is transmitted over an encrypted channel (SSL / TLS), which excludes their interception by intruders. 77
No Multi-factor authentication The combined use of several factors reduces the risk of data leakage (in addition to a password, cards, fingerprint scanners, and others are used). 40
No Backing up in multiple locations Backing up your data to multiple independent locations makes it virtually impossible for it to be lost or damaged. 56


No Call recording 21
Check out Work from different devices 16
No Call distribution 8
No Statistics 13
Check out Notifications 15
No Working with SMS 6
Check out Search 6


Storage size, GB: 15 1
No Export / import contacts 1
Check out Importing mail from another mailbox 2
Check out Calendar 2
Check out Connect your domain 4
No View documents 1
Check out Access delegation 1
Check out Images in the text of the letter 0
No Internal chat 0
No Grammar Check 3
Maximum attachment size, MB: 25 0
Check out Autoresponders 0

Best mailer




15 GB of space is not enough

I use it in conjunction with telegrams. It turns out to be convenient to receive notifications about new letters



Design. Adding different accounts.


There is no way to completely clean the mail.

Needs work

Not for humans, but for robots


Really hard to hack


Lack of technical support

Inconvenient folder sorting system

Lack of account recovery

Spam from gmail spam into google calendar, and as a result fouled with pseudo events. If for some reason gmail blocked you, you will never get to technical support, even if your account is a business. Recovery services are closed in a loop. Tech support sends information from, so it won’t work either. That is, if you use the Internet of things, then let it be. Sorting letters to hell, the appearance and compactness of things are incompatible, periodically tulips some unnecessary services such as g ... disk and other things.

Convenient service


The service is very convenient, separates emails into categories, hides spam


Probably not there

You can use it

the most stupid interface !!!!!


not found


fucking interface

who you need to be to figure out how to read mail that is dated earlier than the last 10 days. fucking button "next" what is it difficult to do? or got so hung up that "this is not a king’s business"? !!!!!!

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