Application reviews Cloud@Mail.Ru

60 days - the time to save the history of file changes

It is very convenient that the cloud saves all changes to files. Within 2 months, I can roll back any file to its original form! 60 days is generous))

Super cloud


Convenient screenshoter with a bunch of functions, virus check, you can expand the cloud just to a gigantic size of several TB. & nbsp; Reliable storage of files, did not lose a single photo.

I started using clouds a long time ago. Mile ru is my favorite. & Nbsp;

Very good!

I have been using the cloud for 5 years! An old-timer :) I have long connected autoloading photos and videos from my phone. I was always afraid of losing them, and with such a function it is not scary even if something happens to the gadget. Always helps! Nothing has ever been frozen, nothing has disappeared.

cloud freeze




We froze the cloud and deleted all photos !!! they refuse to restore, they say they sent notifications

although they tied up the phone and where then sms? boorish attitude towards people!

the impression is terrible, as they play movies for themselves and give or remove volume

deleted all photos and zero emotions

Auto-upload phone gallery to Mailru cloud

I drowned my phone on the beach (((It’s a pity, of course ... It’s good that I thought of connecting the phone gallery autoload to the Mylru cloud. So I will at least restore the entire photos and videos)

Since the beginning of the year I have been using Disk-O :. Very comfortably!

All my files from the Cloud are opened through a folder in My Computer. I connected Yandex.Disk here, I’m used to making screenshots through it before (, by the way, also has a screenshotter, but it’s a matter of habit already). And I didn’t want to manually pump everything. And so everything was automatically synchronized.

Cloud, 128 GB, tariff for a year. Norm.

I needed a cloud for storing photos. I chose Cloud, 128 GB. I took the tariff immediately for a year, it turned out a little savings. Fast download speed, and the quality of photos is not lost at all! This was important to me in the first place. There is also a synchronization of the photo stream from the phone, but I turned it off. & Nbsp;

Service is getting worse


unreliability, greed, lack of full support

I was registered as one of the first participants of this service, when registering I was given an increased volume. Now the service has decided to pick it up. Over the past 5 years, I managed to accumulate a lot of valuable material, which the service is now threatening to remove if you don’t pay. Support could not help, does not respond. The service only gets worse. If at some point you do not want to lose all your data, I advise you to pay attention to other services.

How to like files


I got 100 GB for the action. At that time, there were problems with hard drives and uploaded photos and videos from cameras there. For a long time I did not go (more than a year, I was depressed in quarantine). I think, let me unload a lot of something. I go in and there is a big huge dick! Everything is deleted.


Simple human greed. New rules were unilaterally invented. We sent three letters (according to the new rules, 1 letter per month)! And I don’t care if you saw them or not. Took and removed everything.

As a service, something needs so ... t with letters. And as for the normal notify, so you go to the forest. How does is called ? Customer-centric and doesn’t smell!

I’m sure I’m not the only one to get it.

you can use

It somehow happened that my mail has been on soap for a million years. and therefore I store the files in the same place on the disk. I don’t have a lot of experience with cloud stuff, mostly I trust drives more, because a lot of work is in digital format and I don’t want to lose them if I forget my password or something like that. There will be no network, for example. But in principle I use it, okay.

How to screw up a good product


Conveniently, there was a whole terabyte of clouds + several 100GB each, you could switch between them.


Ordinary, human greed has ruined a solid project. Either be patient and upload a maximum of 10 files a day, or buy. At the start, they promised 450 rubles in a year, I already wanted to take it, but in the end they put it, like 125 rubles in a month.

It’s better and more reliable to store everything on your hard drive, I thought, and bought 2TB. And, as usual, crap.

Artificially block "irrelevant" undesirable browsers


Not reliable

They just took and one fine day artificially blocked all browsers "not relevant" for them without warnings (all normal companies post a warning for 5 years before that).

Tech support will ignore machine responses. < / p>

Although the fish is obviously rotting from the head.

I knew that the mail was a lowland company on Yandex’s suction cups, but I did not expect such a setup. & nbsp;

I’m just shocked!




Everything else!

I’m just very angry right now.

This fucking app hasn’t been working for MONTHS! Do you understand aloo? It doesn’t work, but what the hell are you withdrawing money then?

Return money or provide access to my data. Bo damn this is too much!

Give the number of this woman from the cloud! I want to talk to her! Some idiots. Support zero is simple. I wrote to them and nothing is stupid, they ignore. Or turn on Schaub everything worked or return the money!

Blackmailer’s desk


I have been using the service for 7 years. It was convenient, you pay for one month. You are canceling the renewal of your subscription. You download everything you need in a month, make links to files and copy them. Then, if necessary, you download them by clicking on the links. I lived like this for 7 years, downloaded hundreds of terabytes, but then it started ...


I received a letter to my dozens of clouds that if I do not pay within 3 months, then all files will be deleted. The fee for using all my terabytes of video is about 1,000,000 rubles a year. There is no way to download the video, I will not have time to pay that kind of money. all videos that I downloaded and collected are lost. My question is why they haven’t deleted anything for 7 years. and now they are throwing the answer: we have the right to change the terms of the agreement at any time. Before that, I stored files on disks, after the appearance of the cloud, I threw everything there, and threw the disks away. 10 years down the drain

I thought it was a serious organization. turned out to be a gang of blackmailers. Switching to Yandex disk

Mangles files


Slightly defective, it means completely inoperable


Mangles * .vsd * .vsdx files if they contain linked tables from an Excel file.

The file is permanently damaged. There is no way to retrieve the data.

Support does nothing. Has been feeding with unsubscriptions for a month now

This is the worst application


This shit does not load information, extorting money. Do not want to lose your dear photos - do not use this shit, go to other services, for example Yandex disk

Strongly not recommend

Nice app




It’s a pity that initially they only give 8GB

The application is good, convenient, works even on weak phones, looks good, reliable, some pluses.

In 2020, restrictions were introduced on the transfer of data in one stream.


this was exclusively until February 2020. Those. earlier, starting from February 2020 - the situation has completely changed, and these advantages were neglected by the company itself.

The advantages WERE as follows:

  • good stable download / upload speeds without a hard limit on their part, from here it was possible to download / upload files very quickly from servers in Europe and / or the CIS to the cloud at speeds of 200-300-500-1000 Mbps
  • Cloud search works
  • Webdav works
  • There is support for popular utilities for working with the cloud like rclone
  • There are both mobile applications and basic capabilities for working with files (copy, move, view the folder size, sort, manage files right in the cloud and blah blah blah)

But unfortunately this is not unaltered with a banal limiter that was artificially introduced since February 2020. And this happens REGULARLY, not permanently, but regularly, namely: hard (i.e. forcibly) limit the data transmission flow from one person. I have servers of 1Gbps and 10Gbps, and downloading 30GB from the cloud from the server at a speed of 2Mbps without the possibility of downloading is a shame. 


  • it was and it was that they were losing files
  • it was and it was that the account was blocked
  • it was and it was not working as it should
  • and it hung their software
  • but now they have introduced restrictions on the data transfer rate on a paid plan

Thank you, but I love it, it’s expensive and not reliable!

Yes, is like Nothing new. First, they make it good, then they kill it with their own hands, they blame it on bad users, external factors, and blah blah blah, when they themselves are the perpetrators of various problems with their products and reputation. There is no desire to use this product due to data transfer restrictions in 2020. This is very inconvenient and not practical. It’s cheaper for me for the same 10 dollars that I pay for 1TB in Buy 2TB in google drive. Where the speeds will be guaranteed to be higher than 500 Mbps

did not report the deletion of information


you can upload pictures, not a lot


deleted information five years ago, without even informing in advance, just rewriting the user’s message and that’s it.

do not recommend this service

Poor quality of service


This is still the price and appearance


BAD, DIRECTLY HARD SUPPORT, some kind of woman calls and immediately asks how much money you can pay them a month! They went crazy in general, instead of trying to help, asking about services / quality, just about money. I have not seen such poor quality anywhere else in this segment. This is absurd!

I am extremely disappointed in the support, I am almost sure that many of the reviews here are corrupt, because from the very first hour I came across support and they focus only on your money, and not on helping customers, etc.



Only cheese in a mousetrap is free


Delete all your files without warning, after several months if not used. I do not recommend it for long-term storage. Only 8 gigabytes. No confidentiality, your data can be used at your own discretion. Do not believe me, read the license agreement. I have already lost my data.


simplicity in the clouds


everything is as it should be, good enough speed


a client for a computer sometimes loses connections, but this is every couple of months and then for 5 minutes

simple and straightforward

Free but unreliable. For WIndows only




crooked utility work disk О: for Windows (Disk is constantly falling off)

does not work (disabled from support) utility for Linux

webdav does not work in a PAID account

does not work tech. support. answers are sent in the style of "wait for an answer" and this is on a paid account ... 2 months waiting for an answer ... I will not pay any more

can be used for non-critical data. but in no case should you pay, tk. there is no support

on linux it makes no sense to use it at all ... the developers decided to give up on Linuxoids.

Great cloud


High speed

Highest reliability

I have tested various clouds for a long time, some have been used for a long time. С was attracted by the fact that they offered 100 GB for free (which is very important, but almost everywhere they offer little), and I had to start using it as well. After some time I saw an inscription like "Would you like to increase the size to 1 TB for free?" I think: "Are you kidding me?" Back then, 100 GB was still enough for my eyes, but I clicked "I want", and the size really grew to 1024 GB. It’s FREE, damn it !!! 

Speed ​​pleases, up to 10-12 Mbytes per second! Reliability too: never a single jamb happened on any device, although I myself used to be soared, pressing the wrong thing. I store a lot of music in the cloud, and one day I thought, couldn’t I listen to my music straight from there? And for me everything is almost in alac and flac (lossless compression), many clouds treat such formats with great rejection. But it reproduces without problems! And the video shows, and the photo, of course, and the documents. Sometimes I even feel ashamed that I use and do not pay a penny ....

Large and free cloud


One of the largest cloud drives

Everything is stored and everything is fine


mobile app

Not in time for 1 TB, but in time for 100GB. However, this is quite enough for placing materials there that have nowhere to put or they clog up the phone. 

In general, everything is convenient and works well. 

There is a flaw in the mobile application, but this may not be due to the application itself, but due to some communication problems. Sometimes it breaks off in the download mobile application or everything hangs for a very long time, tk. a lot of files. 

How to upload and download from the service "Oblako"


look and feel


one drawback, it is also the most basic - very low download and upload speed, which is a big problem for large files. Patience is simply not enough! And if you are lucky and the process is not interrupted, you will download. NO renewal! Well, it looks like a simple and unsuitable service!

Today there are no convenient solutions for uploading and downloading large files to Cloud Mail ru, except for one - Maxthon Nitro

Good cloud


-convenient work with files and folders


-existence of advertising

The user-friendly interface always has quick access to the files you need. Synchronization and availability of applications helps to work on any device

Good web client

I use it as a dump. I only go through the browser, because applications for PC and phone are simply disgusting, they fall off, then they "forget" to synchronize new files. Of the pluses, I can note the amount of storage and work with the web version of the cloud


Everything is fast, simple and reliable.



Registered in the forefront when distributed by terabyte. Now I am slowly filling it in :)

Good cloud for big data backup


  • Cloud in 1TB (registered account for the promotion)
  • Not bad sync speed
  • Doesn’t load the system
  • Shows the size of folders and the number of files in list
  • Excellent speed of saving large amounts of data from cloud to cloud
  • Selective sync with little or no glitches


  • File size in a free account 2GB
  • It’s still safe to store critical data in

I have been using it for a long time, having registered a couple of 1TB accounts for the promotion. Nice free data backup.

Good service


User-friendly interface Fast work Always works


the maximum file size is 2GB, not critical, but not nice, I wanted to upload a couple of movies failed.

The user-friendly interface works in a hurry; there is always access to the files you need from all kinds of devices.

Good storage, but no access


Good storage


can’t go there

Problem! originally went to the mail-cloud through my Yandex mailbox, since any mailbox could be kept there, but now there is no such possibility, it only requires mailbox mail, help pliz who knows how to restore now your photos saved in the cloud ??? < / p>

Domestic storage


Large cloud file storage

Previously, they gave away a terabyte as a gift, now in my opinion there is no such function, but I managed to take myself a terabyte, now I store large and bulky video files there

Good integration with poppy


The interface is not entirely intuitive

there is no integration with convenient file services (for example, with documents or presentations)

Large terabyte cloud storage for free

Have you had mail from for a long time? Get 100GB for Free!


An excellent mobile application.

There is a desktop version. 

There are web editors like words and tables

100 gb for free.


If you are a new user then you will have 25 gb. But there are promotions - stay tuned.

Completely satisfied!

Lots of space


Lots of space

Fairly fast upload / download speed


There is no WebDAV that was promised a long time ago

File size limits that changed several times

Not a very user-friendly client

I got 1 TB a long time ago, used photos for backup for a long time. But in the end I switched to other solutions.

Great free cloud




Applications for all types of OS

Shopping Cart



Various restrictions

The maximum file size uploaded via the web version of the Cloud is 2GB;

There is no convenient way to store photos

I got 1TB for free a long time ago, probably because of this I don’t leave here. In general, everything is good: excellent speed, convenient "Screenshot", recently added a "Trash".

One of the many cloud systems I use

Some of the partners use it, so you have to work in it periodically. But there are much more interesting systems.

Convenient cloud, I use it often


Free space of 100 gigs, fast download and upload speed


There is a limit on the size of the uploaded file

Good cloud, enough space)

Good free cloud service


Free 100 GB

Always sync

Simple and straightforward


Not a very experienced user, while happy with everything

There used to be Yandex Disk. gives more disk space for free. This is what bribed me. I switched to e-mail, I haven’t noticed much difference yet. The same synchronization between computer and smartphone. Everything is done simply and well

Unreliable storage service


a lot of space

sharing options


no backups

no version history

synchronization in 1 channel

files are missing, everything is written in the review

Regarding the technical support of the service, I constantly have some questions, a decent correspondence has already accumulated. With other services (dropbox and google drive), I did not have any questions at all.

With you really feel unprotected, or rather, you feel that your data is not protected and something will be lost. in case of unsuccessful synchronization.

I have about 400 GB occupied from 1000 GB in the cloud. I understand, of course, this 1 TB was received during the campaign before the new year and theoretically support can send all freeloaders to nafig. But I’m basically ready to pay for the service if it was reliable.

Option # 1 for missing files

The bottom line is that the synchronization itself occurs, according to my assumptions, in one channel , i.e. the program can synchronize a bunch of small files for a very long time. In the meantime, it is synchronizing, having done things, you turn off the computer without suspecting anything and in the morning, already at work, turn on another computer, which is also connected to the cloud. You may find that some of these small files have disappeared because they were not on the home computer, well, they just did not load and the program thinks that everything should be synchronized as it was on the home computer.

В As a result, files disappear here and there - pzdts how much fun it becomes. Okay, if we are talking about temporary files, but what if these are pictures with relatives, which are no longer on the phone or on the camera?

Option # 2 for missing files

Next. When you rename files on one computer, it is written in the cloud that the file *** is deleted.

That is, the program stupidly deletes files from the cloud in order to then upload them under a new name. 

And again, at the time when you renamed the files, the program deleted them in the cloud - you turn off the computer. 

As a result, the files are deleted in the cloud, deleted on the working computer.

you come home and there are no files there, because the program considered the cloud a priority and deleted the files in the sync pack.

In short, it is very cautious to use this service, even if it costs money.

I repeat once again - this has never happened in dropbox and googledrive. But, alas, the cost for 1 TB per year of their services is still unaffordable.

Great cloud for personal backup


Free terabyte of space, link access to folders, fast file download speed


Restriction on downloading files over 2GB from the web interface for a free plan.

I was lucky at one time to grab 1 terabyte disk for free on the cloud., now everything that does not fit on the computer is there. Very comfortably. Plus, my important files are backed up from my computer!

Nice cloud


At one time, it was possible to get 1TB of cloud storage for free. This is perhaps the largest volume you can find for free.


The free version has a limitation on the size of the uploaded file.

Nice cloud.

The best Russian-speaking cloud!


100 GB of free cloud space.




No, everything is fine

An excellent cloud, unlike 360yunopan (On the Cloud @ Mail.Ru 100GB) does not give 4TB for free, but it differs noticeably in speed! All this is spiced up with a beautiful interface!

Best Cloud Storage I Will Know


Large storage capacity, ease of use from mobile devices, an advantage in the number of free GB over many services.

I have been using it from the very beginning, I received 1000 GB of memory as a gift, there is access from mobile devices, everything is convenient and practical.

Solid Cloud Vault


100 GB of free space on the cloud

convenient auto-upload of photos directly from your phone and tablet


the maximum file size is 2GB, not critical, but not nice, I wanted to upload a couple of movies failed.

Huge free space, and cheap prices for expanding space. I only store photos, and for a year of use I filled about 6 GB, so 100 GB will be enough for a long time.

Dimensionless cloud


A whopping 1,024 GB.

There have been no interruptions in my memory.


For me, there are no downsides, because the cloud copes with its task.

An obvious plus - 1024 GB !!!

You can save your whole life on this cloud))))

I uploaded all important working archives of documents that I I rarely use any of the documents, but any of the documents can be useful to me at any time.

Repeatedly helped me out in situations when I urgently needed documents that were only on the cloud and on my home computer (to which I would be very long).

Great cloud


User-friendly interface

Fast work

Always works


Doesn’t play Videos

The user-friendly interface works fast, you always have access to the files you need from all types of devices.

I like mail cloud


large volume

user-friendly interface

synchronization works smoothly


did not find, they are developing very actively (they used to be)

I like mail cloud! It is very convenient for me to use it



-easy to use

-has enough space to store working materials

-you can edit the file online


pop-up ads

convenient and easy-to-use service for storing files important to you

Cloud@Mail.Ru There is a free plan