Application reviews Yandex.Disk

Convenient service





I upload all files from my phone to disk, but since it is more convenient for me to prepare materials for publication from a computer, I go in and take what I need from there. I used to transfer files from my phone to my computer using a cable, but this is not always convenient. Especially when, for example, you are not at home, the Internet is available and you urgently need to free up a little memory in your phone for new photos and videos. I turned off the autoloading of files, because for the reviews I take 100,500 photos, some of which, of course, turn out to be muddy, crooked.



Useless service.

I had to download in order to download files from the Yandex disk. When you download, they offer a heap of their unnecessary applications. And a lot of viruses in the application.

Tempting price


Price, speed, visually better ergonomics than GOOGLE


Mountains of advertising, file search does not work normally, files that Yandex for some reason decided that with viruses are deleted (KIS says that the file is clean and it is really clean)

The last straw was that when I search for the file I need, I can’t find it. Opening 4 subfolders, I find it. I compare the search symbols and the file name = 100% match in a notepad ... And why do I ask for such a disk that will fail at the right moment and will not allow me to quickly find the file I need?

Everything was fine at first




On a computer, 500 GB is synchronized with Yandex.Disk. With such a volume, it never reaches the end of synchronization. Maybe at the end of the working day and will come.

We began to observe such glitches as the appearance of duplicate files. For example, I paint in Photoshop and save a file named Drawing1. A day later, either I immediately come to the computer, open Figure 1 and notice that it seems that half of what I did last was not saved there. I open the folder, and it turns out there is a file called Picture1 (2). I open it, there is a save.

The same goes for programming. If you make a project directly in a Yandex disk, then often files are duplicated, their contents are lost, the application crashes.

Support said not to place any files in which I work. Well, PPC, why do I need Yandex.Disk, if I can’t save working files there.

In general, I want to find another service, but everywhere the price bites, and the crisis is in the yard.

In addition, the screenshoter constantly hangs. I take a screenshot, and it periodically freezes for 3 minutes. Although my computer is a modern average.

I am looking for another service. Let us down.

Like the service

I really like this "cloud storage" - since all the files in it are stored as much as my heart desires, besides, you can share the file or, as the people say, "bury".

Excellent service for the photographer

I have been using it for many years for distributing and storing processed full-size photographs. It is convenient for the client to download, the quality does not suffer.

great service


A lot of free disk space, unlimited space from your phone


Intrusive notifications

Overall a great service for storing files, especially photos. It sorts pictures very conveniently based on artificial intelligence.

I do not recommend to use


Yandex, as a product, is trying to increase its influence and capture the market, but I do not trust this Disk and do not recommend it for use. This is exclusively my opinion based on experience and comparison with the same Google.


I didn’t like everything. I will not even describe in detail now, but I will say that Google is better.

I didn’t like the fact that there are clearly inflated reviews. People write stereotyped information that is not true. Take away these 5-star reviews because it’s not objective. Let only honest reviews be worth so that others understand the general situation. And in any case, everyone should read this, familiarize themselves with the problems right away, and then make sure of this on their own and go here again, write the truth. I have everything.

Yandex disk is reliable and efficient


saves drafts



& nbsp; Only I put something in the file, Google immediately saves it, I don’t even notice how it happens. Therefore, if the drafts let someone down, then the Yandex disk is reliable and efficient as never before. Right in Disk, I can create new files, folders, take photos. But I like Google better

Yandex disk, like heroin, is bad for everyone, but you can’t get off


The only one + is the price


If you download large files, you can say goodbye to the Internet for the next few hours, glitchy woof **, it can just stop downloading files, you need to constantly monitor and sit in this fucking application, am I a security guard? Inconvenient application interface, the design was done by Artemy Lebedev, apparently, an unfinished curve torrent tracker.

For photos from the phone, maybe ok, if you are going to store videos there or send large files to someone for downloading, you know a separate cauldron in hell has been prepared for you. It’s impossible to get off of it, because everyone sends you data through this Yandex disk.

Competitive service with a set of convenient features


User-friendly interface (not everyone can boast of a convenient modern interface)

Ease of use

Mobile unlimited

Cheap tariff plans ($ 33 ​​for 1 TB)


Sometimes data can be lost. True, this rarely happens

Lack of an official GUI application for Linux (there is only cli)

Recently access to the disk via webdav was closed

In general, the service leaves positive emotions. It is easy to use, easy to manage files, can be shared with friends or just a link. Previously, it was possible to make backups of sites on J. Disk via webdav, but recently this is not possible. There is a mobile autoload and at the same time the uploaded photos and videos do not take up your disk space. Unfortunately, there is no good GUI client on Linux. Overall, I would recommend this service.

Some advantages


benefits alone



Yandex Disk is a shareware (up to 20GB) virtual storage of information to which you can upload files from any device connected to the Internet and just as easily download them from there. That is, there is no need to download information to a USB flash drive and carry it with you everywhere! It is enough to upload it to the virtual Disk once and that’s it, it is always freely available. In addition, you do not have to worry that the storage medium will deteriorate, be lost, data will be erased (I had this on a portable hard disk in a terabyte volume). So all this beauty is also free up to certain volumes. From all sides the same advantages in my opinion. Recommend!



Storage size


You cannot selectively sync folders

Low security level - no protection by an authenticator with temporary keys

inconvenient application for pc - above is the problem with configuring folders for synchronization and, in general, not a friendly user < / p>

Alas, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Although if in the next year they fix those shortcomings that do not have, for example, a Google disk, I will use Yandex.

Makes life much easier


convenient service



If you are not already using cloud services, then it might be time to start doing it. What for? Behind the closet, and also because these services can make life much easier. & Nbsp;

I have not studied all the features of these clouds and have not compared them with each other. I just chose Yandex. Disk, because I used a browser from Yandex, because I have Yandex mail and because I use their search engine.

Yandex disk auto-renewal




In the spring of 2020, it acquired a place on the Yandex disk. I did not connect auto-renewal. Extended this year in advance in January 2021 as there was a great deal. On March 4, 2021 Yandex debits money again. From a credit card. I will find out about this on 03/09/2021. There is a percentage. The understanding is already beginning to come that a reliable service is not at all reliable. They are scammers. Registered appeal 21030906192838431 on the return of funds. I’m waiting for an answer. In case of a negative answer, I will switch to a more reliable service provider. I do not recommend it. If you do, be careful.

Negative. Much to our regret. I always thought it was a reliable service and recommended it to my friends. I will call you now.

Terrible Yandex disk support.




When buying a subscription, a second subscription is created - an exact copy of the first, which prevents you from turning off auto-subscription for the next period. When you contact those support with a request to disable an extra subscription, you will be disconnected from a normal subscription, and the second one will be left hanging.

When the billing period ends, the money from your card will be debited without your consent (this is what happened to me) .

Moreover, the situation repeats itself from time to time (I have it three times already). With all the prevalence of poison, and the familiarity for customers, apparently you will have to go somewhere else.

ps after a few letters, support goes into ignore. They say on the phone - I’m not me - write letters.

It rarely happens that the product itself is great, and the support is the bottom. But Yandex knows how to surprise.

Convenient cloud drive for personal use


The disk is connected exactly as a separate entity, while it is not necessary to keep copies of files on the PC, i.e. you can upload files to YaDisk and delete them from your PC.

Ability to make automatic backups of your desktop and documents.

A convenient program for working with screenshots.

Servers are located in Russia.


Integration with third-party programs is not very common. For example, a dropbox is integrated in every second program.

Quite modest possibilities for storing and working with a photo library. It’s great that it is loaded automatically and unlimitedly from the phone, but I did not find such a search, face recognition as in Google.

I have been using it for a long time for personal purposes and for work. Some of the most reasonable rates for Russian-speaking subscribers of Yandex Plus Sikdka.

Alternatively, I do not recommend


Unlimited (YET) photo storage in original quality


Video storage is paid

No face recognition (Google even has animal recognition)

No family access (single library for different accounts)

No downloads from a computer (if you load, then the photos will take up disk space, i.e. only for a fee) FAT MINUS

Not convenient settings, when connecting a flash drive, to download photos

All screenshots photos from the computer immediately go to the library, and there is no way to turn them off

I have been using Google since 2008. Due to their recent changes, I decided to try Yandex Photo. After 2 weeks of trying to transfer my entire library to Yandex, so far there are no results. Faced a bunch of inconveniences listed in the cons. I tried to correspond with support, there is an answer, well, it is as it is, you don’t want to, don’t eat))

While I am inclined to believe that I would rather pay Google than try to set up something in Yandex.

Are you seriously?


Virtual. Loads without errors.


Very raw. Made at the entry level and thrown to the masses. They say it will do anyway

When working, I sort the files by numbers. After all, it is more convenient to search for the desired file in a huge amount. But this is an idiotic priority system. Why is 11 before 4? Any file that has 1, 11, or even 119, 1967 will come before files 2. Are you serious? I have never seen such a problem anywhere before. Where could you even find such a problem? Why files with a lower number are earlier. This is absurd!

Should I use "Yandex.Disk" Firework


Fast loading and unloading files from disk, interface, you can create separate folders.


To upload large files you need to download the application

I use it to send videos to clients, fine.

Glukalovo braked, and spies on you, most likely.


The web service itself is fine. But you cannot install their applications on a computer, in any case !!


The application slows down wildly, and causes sticky in other programs, especially when you press buttons in them, which is very suspicious.

Better not to install the application. And this applies in general to all Yandex crafts for a PC, you should not install any of this on your computer.

Excellent file storage service


An excellent tool for storing large files, it is convenient to share with others.

Works fast, does not slow down.

I switched to it from Dropbox and I’m not going back

Incredibly convenient to use

Ideal for both office or business and personal use. It was only a matter of time before this kind of service appeared, and I’m glad I found it. Because imagine how convenient it is not to store everything on any media and drag it back and forth, when you can just go to the cloud storage on any device and download or save what you need. Especially when it has such wide functionality and nice design.

For personal purposes the rules. no ice for work


Visually more convenient than Google



In general, you download, for example, a CP in the form of a pdf and send the link to an employee (colleague), the file opens first in a preview, and then in such a form that everything is covered with advertising. Current because of switched to Google. Well, there is a problem with loading, I remember a file in 2 meters for 20 minutes. And at work this is not ice at all

Yandex disk flies into the trash


It was convenient to use the excellent Russian service


Became like everyone else. I changed my own agreements. Why are you needed now if you have Google?

Yes, it was very convenient. "I went to China, five thousand photos and more than 100 GB of video were downloaded from p30 pro automatically and for free. Now it is desirable that Yandex does not get covered, it will be a pity for photos."

This is what I wrote earlier. Unfortunately, the Yandex disk is covered with a basin. :))

We changed the rules without warning. Only the photo remained free to download. You now have to pay to download videos. I am not against paid services, I am against changing the terms of the agreement.

This means only one thing, they can do whatever they want, they can cancel something else. We need to run away from Yandex, download all saved files.

Goodbye, Yandex services, hello good old Google.

I like the functionality

This repository allows you to use the full functionality of the file manager. You can move, edit, create folders and upload whatever you want without any effort. Very useful as an organizer in the office and at home.

regular cloud


nice cloud, understandable


sometimes lags

Convenient and functional cloud storage, though sometimes it lags, but not alone). Of the likes, I like it the most. True, I would like more free storage

This service will never die

I started storing my files on this virtual storage a long time ago, it happened by accident in general, and since then I realized how convenient it is to upload everything somewhere, free up space on the computer and then share links to files. The service is convenient, for all five!

The most common cloud





Nice cloud, no glitches, which it should be. Everything suits me, I use it for about a year as a mirror of some files. I did not apply to TP, tk. everything works as it should, there is enough volume that enters me. plus



Convenient and understandable


Periodically lags

Quite convenient cloud storage. Compared to analogs, in my opinion, the best. I would like a little more free space.

Excellent cloud storage


I am glad that they gave 10GB for free, low prices for tariffs, I would have used it further, but it hangs very much in the browser and in the application


Problems with upload and download, it takes a very long time. Application and website lags

Reasonable prices, but the functionality is poor

Convenient storage space for everything

I have never bought an increase in space, it increased when I bought a Yandex.Plus subscription. I like that there are applications for a computer and for a smartphone; from a smartphone, all photos are automatically saved to Ya.Disk. And it’s also convenient that they have a program for screenshots. In general, there are no complaints about the work.



Adequate disk space, even with a free account. Built-in functions for working with files.


Yandex has access to files on disk.

Great service for personal use

Best storage


Fast work, user-friendly interface

In my opinion, one of the most convenient file storages, it works quickly, everything is intuitive and simple

Cool data warehouse


Large volume

User-friendly interface


Free to use

It’s very cool that Yandex.Disk can store large amounts of information. I am always confident in the security of my data. Most of my clients use Yandex. It is convenient to share links and regulate access restrictions.

Better than competitors


Convenient storage and transmission of data


Intermittent crashes

Small amount of free storage

More than once I came across the fact that Yandex services did not work for a day. This is a huge problem in the workflow. Fortunately, such technical failures or updates, I do not know what it was exactly, rarely happen, so I still use this particular service. It is a pity that such a small volume is only 10 GB. More - you have to pay. Although, the money is not big, but there are many other cloud storage services that provide such services for free. But I don’t want to switch to another service, because Yandex is much more convenient to use in a browser



free small storage


the design is not very good

it is inconvenient to work with documents

nothing special

Google likes it better

It seems like nothing, but ....


affordable price, good data exchange speed


  1. Didn’t find or really doesn’t have a function for searching files / folders in the desktop application - it’s just a bottom.
  2. Didn’t find or really doesn’t have a function for displaying photo albums in a mobile application - it’s a double bottom.

The above two disadvantages are enough to completely ruin a good impression, why do I need this cloud, if you are tortured to search for the necessary information in it? While I have paid for the annual subscription, I will use it, then in the absence of search and albums - in no case.

After reading the reviews about your server, I realized: don’t hesitate to come to you with wishes.


Your server is running a year ago


Perverted functionality - The disk contributed to the destruction of several hundred of my files (photo). Some features don’t work - unable to switch file access state.


Great cloud storage for personal use


  • Automatic synchronization on all devices, the free package is quite large due to periodic promotions that permanently increase it. 
  • Photos uploaded from the phone are not counted in the total amount of used space.
  • Doesn’t bother with offers to switch to a paid plan, unlike Apple.


Not that there are disadvantages, but if you work a lot with google dox, then most likely you will store them on google disk. As a result, there is an organic separation, working documents in Google dock, personal documents in Yandex disk.

Decent service. I can’t say that a google drive is better, but apart from the aspect of working with google docks + - the same thing. Due to the fact that the volume of the free disk is very large, there is no thought to use the cloud from epla, dropbox, google, etc.

Excellent cloud


Beautiful appearance, convenient mobile application for iOs and Android, information integration, free space for photos from a smartphone, file change history, structured file storage


Old Windows app design, not enough free space

Great modern cloud for secure file storage

the bottom is something else ...


design, price


is slow, not stable, functions are not all configurable, it can safely load only their shell when moving files, and delete them from the computer, that is. file lost.

always freezes.

is slow, not stable, functions are not all configurable, it can safely load only their shell when moving files, and delete them from the computer, that is. the file is lost.

always freezes.

the last update is the bottom, again, you can accidentally delete files from your computer by clicking on the "leave only in the cloud" button and the file will be deleted before upload to the cloud, or the program will freeze.

in short, to save pictures, music, documents and other data that does not require much space is fine, but not to copy even a few gigabytes of memory, no, no- no.

if you want to store a large amount of memory, refer to google disk, Yandex is the bottom in this, right at all.

It was temporary - too used to Google


Not worse than Google

Almost the same


Few of the friends use it

On androids usually Google

Corporate mail is tied to Google

Good thing, it’s a pity that it is poorly distributed. Due to the fact that all the photos have been in Google photos for a long time and at some point began to use the disk. In addition, they also used it at work, and because of the binding of corporate mail to Google disks, I finally abandoned all other cloud storage

indeed, the new version 3.0 is a rare squalor and that’s why


Incredibly awful interface. And in everything. that pkm on the icon, that the new file explorer. 

Removed the normal preview of photos, which I constantly used by pkm on the icon, the wretched appearance of the new explorer. Mega squalor, besides without url paths to files. REMOVE THIS FEAR! it’s 2018, return a normal explorer, even if it’s a Windows one. I am deleting this version, looking for the old one. 

The latest version stopped working with network folders. It is not known why the program should be worsened.


Nothing good has been added yet. Everything only made it worse.


Now the Windows version on the computer does not see the network folders, and the disk on the computer is clogged. Therefore, it is impossible for me to use the Yandex disk


Free public flash drive


large disk space


inconvenient interface in mobile version

I use it instead of a flash drive when I urgently need to get some important information or send a presentation or some kind of video from someone else’s computer. I constantly lose flash drives, I don’t want to open my Google mailbox on other people’s devices for various reasons. Therefore, as a flash drive - just that.

Version 3.0- FULL G ** BUT !!!


The idea of ​​full accessibility of files anywhere in civilization


  1. Not contacting technical support
  2. Not copying all files. How he chooses x ** knows it!
  3. There is no way to open anything from the folders that have not been copied. Although they are visible, but with a red cross.
  4. The file manager window works through the ZhO. Namely: to view the file, you need to download it, there is no preview. Work on a desktop PC has become worse.

I used to use it with great pleasure and recommended it to everyone. Everything has changed since version 3.0. The third day I sit at my laptop and try to overcome the folders that were not copied by Mr. Moreover, there are newly created files in well-copied folders and also does not open. The file format and size does not matter. I am looking for a replacement, or I will share my FTP.

Yandex.Disk There is a free plan Actual information