Application reviews Slack

recently the company moved to slack

recently at work I had to get acquainted with this application. I heard from many colleagues that it is not very convenient, but the bosses require you to figure it out, so there are no options) and, as for me, it is very convenient. you can immediately see the tasks, who is doing what. it is convenient to track by status. better than in some kind of chats endlessly, where the necessary information on terms and other things is lost for a couple of times.

Convenient and functional corporate messenger


  • Quickly and conveniently organize communication in a team
  • A large number of all possible integrations
  • Channels, reminders, convenient grouping
  • Great interface


  • Calls fail from time to time
  • The first time you need to get used to it, learn how to use it correctly

If you need a corporate messenger, take a look at it. All the necessary features are there.

Helped to put things in order in working correspondence


Integration with third-party applications

Convenient mobile application


Slow on slow computers

When the team began to grow, they decided to transfer all work correspondence from telegram to Slack. Now, instead of chaos, there is more or less order. Special thanks for the opportunity to connect different bots and receive notifications about important events from third-party services. I also actively use the mobile application, it is quite conveniently done.

Quite good


  • user-friendly and understandable
  • decent mobile version


  • deleting a lot of files makes it suffer

In general, everything is fine, only working with various files upsets, in this respect Microsoft Teams is cooler

Best team chat


+ Creates a separate workspace for work, freeing up Telegram and other messengers

+ The ability to connect bots for a team


- Works a little slower than we would like, but overall it does not interfere

I advise you to try, even if there are two of you on the team

Delicate communication in large teams


Integration with other services. Delicate email notifications, only when a person is mentioned in the channel’s chat. Ability to attach pictures and files. Availability of Desktop and mobile applications. Availability of private channels.


Not found yet.

We use it in the laboratory for about a month. So far, only positive impressions. The application crashed several times. But since the service is practically free for our level of use, these are trifles.

Excellent automation capabilities


+ Flexible configuration of notifications

+ Connecting bots and third-party services

+ Using webhooks

+ convenient work with documents

+ the ability to leave Skype

and much more


- expensive, but you can get by with the free version

We have long dreamed of leaving Skype for corporate work, finally with SLack it became possible. We widely use work with documents, delayed notifications, who to notify and who not. We connected third-party services: bitbucket, IFTTT, server monitoring. Now in one place you can see what edits were uploaded to the site, when and by whom, authorization on servers, errors from sites and servers, new publications on sites. We use a bot to gain access to internal documentation. In general: Work has become much more comfortable, communication has become much more organized.



partially confidential


doesn’t work

I do not know exactly how much RAM it consumes, but running this software on an average laptop or virtual machine is extremely problematic, and it is simply not possible to get through. Setting up through one place, but you can get used to it. There was also a problem with microphones, it simply does not perceive some of the iron or transmits noise. In general, as for me, it’s so quiet horror.

Did not suit

Does not support Cyrillic usernames. Most of my users are sold out who do not know the English alphabet. Therefore, I refused already at the registration stage.

Slack There is a free plan