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Messenger for corporate communication with multiple integrations from third-party services.

Slack description

Slack is a platform for corporate communication and teamwork on projects. The purpose of the service is to optimize team communication and facilitate interaction between departments. Slack is suitable for companies from different spheres: creative agencies, development teams, education, financial services, production, sales and other areas. Thanks to Slack integration with many programs and services, it allows a company to create a full-featured working environment.

In Slack, companies or sections create a workspace for themselves that contains the necessary channels, document archives, and news feeds. Channels are group chats where individual team communicates or, issues are resolved on a given topic. In chat rooms, users can communicate using text messages and there are special tools for text formatting: italics, bold, underline, list creation, coding, etc. In addition to text communication, Slack features voice calls and video calls. Partners and third parties can be invited to channels prepared for this purpose. Users can communicate not only in group chats, but also in private chats.

Integration with other services gives Slack the ability to increase functionality many times over. For example, development teams from Jira can share, edit and view tasks in a special channel. Or an executive can sign contracts with partners without leaving Slack by means of integration with DocuSign. And there are many such integrations.

Slack features:

  • Real-time business conversations, file sharing and group conversations.
  • Interactive search and archiving.
  • Thousands of possible bundles with online tools.
  • Attach and store images, videos, files and documents.
  • Audio and video calls.
  • Organizing meetings.
  • Instant synchronization across all devices.
  • Customizable notifications for desktop, mobile and email.

Slack contacts

Founded in 2013 
Located in the USA

Prices for Slack

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There is a free plan and several paid plans, starting at $6.67 per user per month.

Slack features

Security and privacy

Check out Protocol access HTTPS Data between you and the service is transmitted over an encrypted channel (SSL / TLS), which excludes their interception by intruders. 77
No Multi-factor authentication The combined use of several factors reduces the risk of data leakage (in addition to a password, cards, fingerprint scanners, and others are used). 40
No Backing up in multiple locations Backing up your data to multiple independent locations makes it virtually impossible for it to be lost or damaged. 56


No Included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs The service is in the register, which the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia created in accordance with article 12.1 of the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and information protection", in order to expand the use of Russian programs, to confirm their origin and support copyright holders. 43


No Call recording 21
Check out Work from different devices 16
No Call distribution 8
No Statistics 13
Check out Notifications 15
No Working with SMS 6
Check out Search 6



recently the company moved to slack

recently at work I had to get acquainted with this application. I heard from many colleagues that it is not very convenient, but the bosses require you to figure it out, so there are no options) and, as for me, it is very convenient. you can immediately see the tasks, who is doing what. it is convenient to track by status. better than in some kind of chats endlessly, where the necessary information on terms and other things is lost for a couple of times.

Convenient and functional corporate messenger


  • Quickly and conveniently organize communication in a team
  • A large number of all possible integrations
  • Channels, reminders, convenient grouping
  • Great interface


  • Calls fail from time to time
  • The first time you need to get used to it, learn how to use it correctly

If you need a corporate messenger, take a look at it. All the necessary features are there.

Helped to put things in order in working correspondence


Integration with third-party applications

Convenient mobile application


Slow on slow computers

When the team began to grow, they decided to transfer all work correspondence from telegram to Slack. Now, instead of chaos, there is more or less order. Special thanks for the opportunity to connect different bots and receive notifications about important events from third-party services. I also actively use the mobile application, it is quite conveniently done.

Quite good


  • user-friendly and understandable
  • decent mobile version


  • deleting a lot of files makes it suffer

In general, everything is fine, only working with various files upsets, in this respect Microsoft Teams is cooler

Best team chat


+ Creates a separate workspace for work, freeing up Telegram and other messengers

+ The ability to connect bots for a team


- Works a little slower than we would like, but overall it does not interfere

I advise you to try, even if there are two of you on the team