Application reviews Microsoft Word

Heavily stripped down functionality


  • Familiarity and layout of elements
  • Share a document


  • Strongly cut functionality compared to the desktop version
  • A document created in the desktop version may "float"

Microsoft Word is a program familiar from childhood (literally). I started my own with Word 2003. Today I mainly use the desktop version of 2016 and use almost all the variety of functions that the tool provides (80 percent exactly: styles, complex tables, automatic table of contents, numbering, lists of sources, footnotes, commenting, shared mode edits, insert fields, mailings, etc.). But more and more often it is necessary to solve problems not alone, but together with other participants at the same time. There is, of course, a desktop version with support for multi-user editing, but here the main condition is to find a PC in the same local network, and this is not always possible. And this is where the online version comes to the rescue ...

Microsoft Word Online is greatly reduced in comparison with the desktop version. It contains a minimal set of functions that will be sufficient for most users ... But imagine that you have a file created in the desktop version according to all the rules that Microsoft itself recites and imagine your disappointment when you open it in the online version and you start everything "floats" already when you view it

Microsoft Word Online is also much inferior in functionality to Google Docs.

An excellent editor for working with documents.


Universal program for creating documents. You can easily make a document. Great and intuitive interface.


Small nuances when using the program as a database in an Office package.

An irreplaceable stationary program in the 21st century with no worthy alternatives.

Great editor


Great editing capabilities


A huge number of hot keys for quick editing


Ability to use on mobile. devices


When working with a huge number of pages, lags and issues are possible

You have to constantly work with texts, and this is perhaps the best editor with huge functionality.

Not a bad document editor



Compatible with different formats


Support for output files on different systems and services



Not always convenient when editing large documents

It is not always possible to quickly yqnb the desired function

I have been working with Word for a very long time, I was pleased with the interface change in the 2013 version. The program has quite a lot of functions for changing text, reviewing, formatting, adding non-standard elements for text editors. In addition, the company is now working in the direction of mobile applications, which, of course, is a big plus when working outside the office.

Microsoft Word There is a free plan