Application reviews Microsoft Outlook

Disgusting service with a complex system


At first everything seemed to be fine, but no.


  1. Disgusting system for password recovery and user support in general. It seems that there is only one Misrosoft, but it has a bunch of subdivisions and supports, and without authorization, you will not be helped. It reaches the point of absurdity: you cannot recover the password from the mail (because you stupidly do not receive SMS with the code for several days in a row), so create a new mail and write to technical support .. what? Are you seriously? If you write in a mobile application, they will tell you with template text how much they love you, but you would go to hell with your problems to another support, which is about mail, not the outlook application. And they will thank you for using the service, of course.
  2. If you have forgotten your email password, you will not log into Skype either. Just because Microsoft loves you so much and cares about your data.

I strongly advise you not to contact. "Userfriendly" from this service is completely repulsed. There will be a problem - you will have to solve 80% by yourself.

The reviews here are clearly from enthusiastic (incompetent) lovers of small soft.


no better than others


the account is connected only with tambourines (ports and so on .. but the mailer, on the contrary - any accounts hawk once or twice;)))

sends and receives mail for a long time (or does not send at all)

the world is already gradually moving to SSD, at least for the system partition, and SSDs have a much smaller volume. So, this muck pulls all mail from all accounts and clogs the SSD to capacity, but there is NO means of transferring to another disk! (more precisely, it exists, but it does not work, it has been going on since the first Outlooka .. These dumb-heads cannot fix the jambs in any way. More precisely, some kind of patch was posted in the support, but it ... botn and does not find Outlook 2013;) )) And that’s it ...)

Doesn’t understand the normal encoding of contacts when you want to transfer from google ... Worse, you also need EVERYTHING !!!!! match fields (and this is about 5 dozen) ... morons !!

spat, demolished, returned to Gmail

My favorite email client, but not without drawbacks!


Almost everything is configurable. Convenient, you can make your own panel.

Supports many mails - this is convenient (but not unique)


You can’t put a title in templates - it’s sad and regrettable.

Such a product, but such a trifle is not convenient. It is depressing to write a heading every time, even in standard letters.

On the whole, I’m satisfied, I got used to it. And of course the price is indecent. But I’m used to it, I can’t live without him. Recently I tried to go to the beta, I even bought a license. but it didn’t work, at first I was delighted, it seemed even seemed more convenient .. but could not. got stunned, returned to Outlook. 

Corporate mail






Difficulty setting



I use it at work every day. Compared to cloud mail services, it is more functional and convenient. For example, when you click on an email address, a new message window opens immediately. Contacts are imported. Also a more familiar and complete interface for editing the text of a message, reminiscent of a Word. However, it is not free and more complicated to set up. If the company has a sysadmin, then you can already use it. If I were engaged in small business I would not bother, probably.

Hotmail tile style



Client speed

Facebook messaging and Skype integration

Bulk attachments via OneDrive

Receive and sending mail from different mailboxes


Minor errors in the interface

I use Outlook quite often for work, it helps a lot. I am pleased with various chips, the design of the application itself, various integration pieces, attaching attachments and working with multiple accounts. A friend recommended this service to me, and now I think I can recommend it to someone too.

Ambiguous but useful


Simple interface

Rich features and settings

Integration with OneDrive cloud


Kills Spam Too Much

Different things can be said about this wonderful application. It really helps me in my work, it works without any problems, I have no desire to change it because of the stupid interface. Even his collaboration with the cloud and email clients makes him happy. But still, Outlook has its own small drawbacks, among which there is too much desire to remove spam from mail, but I am glad that the service is developing and I will probably be able to use the client from my phone soon.