Application reviews Microsoft 365

What can I say, just the best office suite


  • Looks pretty. Icons are space!
  • There is no migration from any other version of Microsoft Office. Just put it on and start using. No discomfort.
  • You can buy a home family subscription for 6 people. 
  • Along with the subscription comes 1 TB of space in the cloud. And these are not shit-eaters from domestic cloud storages, where files can disappear and they won’t even tell you "Sorry".


  • Very, very difficult to buy. You need to go to some murky sites, pay money in advance, then wait for the key in your email. In the mobile version, you can stumble upon non-existent payment pages.
  • Why translate functions into Russian in Excel! Okay, you can use the Russian spelling, but why forbid the use of English functions?

Just fast and convenient Microsoft Office, familiar to all of us from the last century. Works as fast as Office 2013. Lots of modern stuff like subscriptions, cloud backups, dictation (no Russian). On any computer, you can log into using a Windows password and fully work with your documents in a browser. No matter how news, but this is Microsoft Office from the last century.

It is a pity that it does not determine whether there is a touch screen on the computer and constantly strives to offer functions for it. But these interface elements can be hidden.

It is very confusing that the package does not include Microsoft Project Cloud and Microsoft Visio. Even more confusing, the 2012 Visual Basic Macro Editor is still in use. Although it works, what else is needed.

In short, buy if you can figure out how.