Application reviews Microsoft Excel

last update for mac january 2018


Things got worse and slower !!!!


I’m using the new Mac Pro with 16GB of memory.

The January 2018 Mac release is much less convenient. Apparently there were global untested changes. 

Began to work slower. 

The selection of cells through the shift and arrows has become completely unpredictable.

Copying even small buffers began to take up to several seconds.

Smoothing of even basic fonts has gone somewhere .

When moving from sheet to sheet, each time he focuses himself, which annoys - the table twitches.

And a lot of minor inconveniences.

New versions need to be finalized !!!!!!!

Got much worse !!!

Microsoft Excel


Convenient table search

Many different formulas


Lately, tables often stop working, you have to save in 2 places

In general, the application suits.

It works stably, the interface is user-friendly. Ability to use on a mobile device.

The standard of any person!


Lots of built-in functions

Huge set of phi

Pivot tables

and many other big pluses!


high cost of the license

The best product for editing tables!

An irreplaceable assistant in serious analytical calculations!



Compatibility, functionality, diagrams


Paid, no collaboration

Is the de facto standard for tables. If you learn how to use it, you can use it instead of a calculator for quick calculation and analysis of data.

Can’t grow




Working with OneDrive

Large tables won’t open on mobile

Errors in Android tablet app

There are fewer problems with the desktop program, and in the latest 2013 office package everything has become much cleaner and more stable. But the company is now entering the mobile market, and then mistakes begin. For example, does not open large xls files. Therefore, I did not notice much difference between it and WPS, although I was really looking forward to Office for tablets. We’ll have to wait again while microsoft finishes its raw mobile products. As always. And, of course, not all functions are implemented. For example, there is no function for removing the protection of a sheet, with scaling problems, tables are not visible with fixed columns and many more little things.

Microsoft Excel There is a free plan