Application reviews Jira

Jira is truly uncontested


Solves the tasks of maintaining development projects.




Speed ​​of the cloud version.

Strange, I have not chosen all the advantages of the proposed parameters, but nevertheless, there is practically nothing to replace jira in development, projects, and support.

Grade 4 fully reflects the capabilities of the service.


Jira without an alternative, in fact. Application management, development is just jira.


Slows down. And support below the plinth.

No options - only jira!

There are no particular alternatives





All development is carried out in Jira, although the tool cannot be called intuitive or simple. Managers use normal CRM in parallel, and Jiru is slightly disliked. But the advantages for developers outweigh, so we live on two services. Life hack: to minimize the use of Jira, support puts tasks for bugs and feature requests directly from the chat.

Road and hard, but worth it


  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Convenient workflow
  • Deep analytics
  • Convenient separation


  • Difficult to customize
  • High price

Rebuilt the entire company using Jira. Simplified communication in the company, and the understanding of global goals. All workflow was built on the program. I advise & amp; recommend

An excellent task tracker if you are ready to understand the functionality


- The pre-installed configuration is enough to start using it

- You can fully customize it to suit your needs, although the words "completely" do not describe the functionality that is in Jira

- Yes simple and convenient mobile application


- Due to the rich functionality, it is sometimes difficult to find what you need. I would like a more thoughtful interface from the point of view of usability

Although the interface is not the most user-friendly, other programs simply do not reach the level of JIRA. 



A bunch of everything, a lot of completely versatile possibilities. A huge harvester for everything.


The quality of the interface, the complexity of setting up and maintaining.

We moved from JIRA to Phabricator - everything is better, easier somehow, or something. Everyone liked it.

Great service from Atlassian


Excellent design, created according to guidelines, as a result, such services from Atlassian as JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence look harmonious and pleasant to use.

User-friendly interface, desktops that can be customized, the ability to search tasks for flexible filters.

Non-intrusive time logging, convenient comments.


In my work, I noticed that there is not enough calendar widget in which you could plan your tasks in advance and know what you will do on this or that day, although maybe I did not figure it out to the end

Indeed, JIRA (and the entire range of services) can be considered leaders in the field of product management and bug tracking, it is a convenient service that will help organize a team of developers, testers and other employees of both large companies and not quite. Would definitely recommend it.

Best bug tracker

In my opinion, jira is the best and most functional bug tracker currently on the market. Convenient, flexible, easily customizable.

Quite good system of setting and performing tasks


At first it was difficult to get used to the complexity and confusion of the system

Not a bad system for setting and performing tasks. Allows you to draw up a work plan for the day, week, month, plan time for solving work tasks. I use it both for work and for personal purposes. Recommend

Reputable project management system


There are a lot of ready-made and useful plugins.


When you have a big team, it’s very expensive.

A good tool for managing tasks in the multilingual segment, I used it for a long time, but serious competitors appeared on the market, to which I switched.

JIRA is good for everyone


A very flexible system, almost anything can be configured and integrated.

A large selection of ready-made and intuitive plugins.

An excellent toolkit for building any reports and analytics on projects and tasks.


Price if the company has more than 10 people.

You cannot manage documents directly in the system, Confluence is used for this.

An intuitive tool if you use the main functionality. Ideal for working with projects and tasks, as well as their analysts, due to its flexibility. Allows you to quickly receive and process information.

Favorite product


Flexibility in customization. A large number of ready-made presets.


Strongly expensive for more than 10 users

The best tool for tracking tasks of any type and any subject area.

The most powerful task tracking tool


1. A classic of the genre, ideal for software development projects.

2. You can customize absolutely everything.

3. You can manage everything in any way that comes to mind: letters, mobile clients, self-written systems.

4. There is a cool desktop application: JIRA Client - greatly speeds up work and allows you to look at the state of a project of any complexity at a glance.

5. $ 10 is enough to get a full working version.


You need to dig long enough in the configuration to customize the workflows for yourself. A beginner will most likely not understand anything at all.

Ideal for software developers. Can be customized for any area of ​​the project or the entire company if you already understand the basic principles.

Jira There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его