Application reviews Google Spreadsheets

first cursed, then realized what was the matter


always the necessary documents at hand, even from a computer


choose a browser that will load normally

For work, almost everything has already moved here to these tables. But I got used to them for a long time. When there is a lot of information, they are constantly hanging. Then I just changed the browser. And lo and behold. They began to open without any problems. Safari is not suitable for big data, alas. According to the tables themselves, everything is like in Excel, only you do not need to buy an installation disk) Very convenient in general

Amendment required from thousands of users


FOR DEVELOPERS: Please add a pop-up menu in a situation when you drag information from one cell with the mouse to another filled cell - now there is a simple replacement of one cell overlapping with another, removing all information from the second cell. All your users are begging to add a popup menu with a question: Are you trying to replace cell information, select: YES / NO

Thousands of users required correction

I recommend trying


Not replaceable now. Because of Google Sheets, I stopped using Excel, everything is in the cloud, conveniently due to synchronization with other devices.


I haven’t found it for myself yet

If there are people who do not use this service, then be sure to try it. Now there is no need to buy an Excel, there is all the necessary implementation. Thanks google

Replacement for everything.


mobility, versatility, accessibility, simplicity, appearance, in short everything


If there is no Internet, then bummer (but you can install googledisk on your computer)

In short, we are swotting on the phone, consider the call center. And we are very happy with these tables. We created a kind of CRM in them with all sorts of filters, rights, etc. In short, if you open up a manual with all the formulas there, then there is a lot that can be muddied.

There you can pull information from other documents in the google drive and send it there. you can conveniently distribute access with different distinctions. collect information and many many options.

It is more convenient than excel for those who need to work together. If there are a lot of lines, then it certainly slows down, but you can divide it into documents and, again, pull information from other documents. 

In general, everyone can do something in them that he needs. There are a lot of options, the main thing is to be able to apply. 

Tables for everyone


  • Almost complete Microsoft Excel, only free and in the cloud
  • API for integration with any services (including Zapier)
  • Document collaboration
  • Get organized and organized in Google Drive


  • slows down on big data (but it’s the web)

An excellent tool with a wide range of applications, in my practice I used it for:

  • collecting requirements
  • questioning and processing the results
  • cost calculators (licenses , works)
  • data storage from the monitoring system (it may be strange, but it turned out to be convenient)

Given the fact that there are formulas and scripts, the tool remains relevant now ... It can be integrated with different systems, both for recording data and for automating some operations (while the code is many times easier than writing your own service).

Sometimes it sucks fierce


Free Excel


At the 6,000th comment to the cell, it began to be terribly dull, and if you still draw graphs, then at least hang yourself ...

Google ran everyone and everything, we use, we love, we grieve ...

You can’t think of it more conveniently!



accessibility from anywhere in the world


minimum number of functions, as much as possible

An online table editor is what the market has been looking for for a long time, and now Google spreadsheet has replaced Excel.

An irreplaceable assistant in everyday work.

Convenient remedy


No Excel required

Service availability



Speed ​​of work

For the most part, I really enjoy working with documents in Google services, and the spreadsheet tool is no exception. It has pros and cons. Its big advantage is that I can at least work with data without Excel. The disadvantages are mainly related to the slow speed of work, especially on a mobile phone. There are all sorts of other disadvantages, but they are not so significant.

Google Spreadsheets There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его