Application reviews Google Keep

Great for the note-taking


sync notes from different devices


sometimes freezes

is very convenient: I often write something about working on the phone in notes. then you don’t have to search for anything for a long time, I just go under my own account from the computer to the web version. saves time and is not afraid of losing something. already on the second phone I only use it for notes!

Google Keep is always at hand!


  • Available from all my devices
  • Intuitive and Easy to use
  • Different kinds of notes
  • Ability to share notes with other Gmail users
  • Shortcuts available


I don’t see any minuses

Google Keep is almost always open in my browser and I use it every day along with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive.

I love Google Keep for its simplicity and versatility. It suits me both for moments when an idea comes to mind and I need to write it down very quickly, To-Do-lists and for longer notes, when I need to formulate a thought, but this task does not "pull" create a separate document for her in Google Docs ...

I would say that there are a number of moments / situations when you need something to be "at hand" online, where you can quickly throw operational information and Google Keep is perfect for such situations.

Simple and convenient




Synchronization with Google Mail

Due to its simplicity, it is very easy to use. Synchronizes with other Google services, so you don’t need to switch from program to program to watch something. The note is always in front of your eyes and the workplace is not pasted over with thousands of pieces of paper with reminders and other necessary information

Google keep


A handy tool for writing. 

It already depends on your outlook: you write down your thoughts, reasoning, spending here (and there is such a thing). 

So to say: "I remembered - I wrote it down." A note is a note, there is nothing to add here. Although ...


What are the disadvantages here? 

They are missing and that’s good.

Although .. Well, maybe: change the color of the notes. But this is not a minus, but a suggestion

It performs its functionality at 100.

Judge for yourself: wrote down - saved - archived - if necessary, moved to another section.

Synchronization with a google account is, what else do you need to be happy? A car! And no, it’s not here to write.

Convenient and simple


Conveniently create notes, checklists and reminders

Conveniently search, track and complete scheduled tasks

You can store both personal and work notes (scattered by shortcuts)


There is no native client on iOS (or it was not when I looked)

I use it to plan a day, project tasks, or just store the necessary information (you can even plan training programs in a pile). The simplicity and accessibility are captivating - there is in the browser and on the phone (I have Android). It is convenient to share tasks with friends and colleagues, check the results - I recommend!

I have been using it for a long time


lightweight. there are applications for the browser on the desktop! there are lists. Pts like it!


tied to google services on the phone ((did not find the widget ((

Like. Lightweight, comfortable, affordable. Synchronized with your Google account, it’s very convenient.

Notes and reminders!

Previously I tried to use such services, but before the advent of Google Keep I always gave up. Here literally everything pleases: simplicity, intuitiveness of the interface, the ability to use on all devices ...

I mainly use it as a notebook, take notes and reminders.

The most convenient service for taking notes

I used Evernote for a couple of years, but did not cause delight. Everything was dull, gray and uncomfortable. For fun, I downloaded Google Keep, and away we go. Although it has less functionality compared to other services, you still want to use it all the time. Immediately I created a bunch of different lists and notes for myself. A beautiful interface and usability make the difference.

I have been using


The best note-booker, as for me. Because the synchronization comes from Google, which means that once you start typing something on your computer, you can continue quietly on your smartphone. In addition, these are reminders, lists, pictures of the same subject, shortcuts and everything for convenience.


The only minus is that when you accidentally insert something (something big, while replacing part of the text), then you can’t screw the last actions. this is an insult, of course

I definitely recommend it to students, it will be indispensable for creative people who need to quickly save something and sort it all by labels. that’s all, basically.

Minimalistic notebook


Conveniently create notes, lists, reminders. It is convenient to sort by tags, there is a powerful search system. There is a mobile client for Android. 


You cannot create notes and lists for sharing from different accounts.

I use it as a notebook. I create to-do lists, shopping lists. I use it as a reminder instead of a calendar.

Weak service


Light and simple


No categories for notes

Synchronization issues

I have been using Google Keep not so long ago, but I have already experienced problems with synchronization with the web version. More precisely, serious problems. On the other hand, the application interface for android is very convenient, and the web version is good too. I’m waiting for the service to be improved. Also, there is no way to create any categories in order to enter your entries / notes on certain topics there. Although the archive of all notes looks good, it becomes more difficult to navigate in it over time.

Disabling Google Keep before updating Google Play services is a complete disrespect for user rights!

I have an LG smartphone with an Android operating system.

09/12/15 when I tried to launch Google Keep, a message appeared:

"Please update Google Play services to launch the Google Keep app." .

At this time, the phone was in roaming, and I refused to update. However, the Google Keep application was not available.

I have been using computers and programs for many years, but this is the first time I come across a situation where the program stops working if it is not updated.

Always download or not update operating systems and programs, it was a personal matter of users. Operating systems and programs have always worked without updates.

By disabling Google Play services prior to updating them, the owners of Google have shown complete disrespect for user rights. I wrote a review about this in the Play Market, but they did not publish it. Apparently, my criticism was not pleasant.

Google Keep There is a free plan