Application reviews Google Drive

The most convenient storage

I use several storages, but google disk is the most convenient for me. The free space has long ended, I bought paid gigabytes - now there is enough space, I will renew my paid subscription. I like that Google reminds of the next write-off in a month (there is time to revise the files and cancel the subscription if the additional gigabytes are no longer needed).

I don’t know how I used to live without him


Integration with Google documents and other cloud products


I would like more space on the free plan)

Most adequate file storage I’ve seen

I have been using it for 6 years, but I still have a place



I have had a disk for a very long time, more than five years for sure. and although I use it extensively, there is still room and nothing is lost. I also like that you can log in from a laptop, and from a phone, and in both cases it is quick access. and it is convenient to work with different devices, regardless of its size

you can log in from any device


can be accessed from any device



If I forget my phone at home, then I can always go to my google drive (most importantly, remember my username and password) from my work computer, or ask a friend to use his phone (I already take the presence of the Internet for granted, so stop here I will not) to view the information I need on MY disk.

One of the best services I’ve come across




Plugin availability

Built-in office


If we compare the cost of packages with Yandex Drive, then Google Drive is more expensive. But at the same time, the price is average compared to other services

Lack of a large number of tariff packages. For example, there is no tariff for 1 TB, there is for 2 TB for $ 99

Lack of official software with GUI for Linux

One of the most reliable services I’ve come across. So would have used it for years if not for the cost of their packages. For comparison, in Yandex for 34 dollars you can take 1 TB of disk, and Google offers 2 TB for 99 dollars, but you cannot take a package with 1 TB of disk.

Inconvenient to share links


It is very inconvenient to make sharing a link to friends! Before, everything was clear and simple. Now they have complicated it to the point of horror ... Additional and unnecessary questions pop up in the windows, then add groups, then the name of friends, etc. Wasn’t it enough to make ONE selection - everyone who has a link to it can watch the video !!! Therefore, I ask you to remove unnecessary unnecessary questions, this only confuses people. Thank you.

Overall impression is good service, but needs to be tweaked.

Nothing can be shared


15 GB free


They cannot be used

I for work and not only regularly and for a long time (10 years) used google drive. Recently, we have started to selectively show notifications "This item may violate the Terms of Service" when trying to share files. It appears absolutely randomly on some files, it is not subject to any appeal, in most cases refilling does not help. Not recommended.

Safe service


Access control, search, convenience


No user management.

I like the approach to security. And there is encryption and two-factor authentication. Conveniently, you can store up to 15GB for free

We do all documents only in Google dox

The best service for documents in the cloud. It is possible to edit the command online 👍🏼

Wonderful storage

Just a cloud of dreams, for any person. Undoubtedly one of the best of its kind, incredibly easy to use. The biggest advantage is the ability to use it on any device and always have access to the files you need.

The best safe for your data


Nice-looking and user-friendly interface

Offline access available

Decent price

Many different functions

I have never enjoyed support, so I cannot rate this item. For the rest I put 5.

Doesn’t load ALL videos


Lots of space


Doesn’t load ALL videos

I upload 157 videos, in the end it downloads 156, and how should I search for the missing video among this list? It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, frustrating.

Huge icons


I didn’t like the kind of information about the files. Huge icons and little space for file names. It is inconvenient to work with files if their names exceed a certain (too small) length

This is probably a service for non-professional work.

Google drive




Stupid useless creature.

At an average speed, the Internet works very slowly. practically does not work. Four vidyushki lasting a minute were loaded for half a day.

Tech support


One big plus


Dear developers. I climbed a bunch of forums and nowhere is there an answer. (How to see the folder size). Please add the function to view the volume of the folder. A lot of your fans need it. I am very grateful to you for the early. 

Dear developers. I climbed a bunch of forums and nowhere is there an answer. (How to see the folder size). Please add the function to view the volume of the folder. A lot of your fans need it. I am very grateful to you for the early. 

all competition


Huge list of features

Very easy to use

Intuitive use

user-friendly interface

Super reliability


Not detected

An excellent solution for corporate purposes. Fast and convenient service that fully meets the expectations from it. Wide range of functionality. Fully covers all needs.

Recommend !!!

Wretchedness compared to Yandex disk?




Does not save the download process in case of network failures, you have to start downloading the file to disk again

Terrible support, compared to Yandex, there is no support for downloads in case of network failures!

Comfortable but little space


  • the interface is convenient and understandable
  • nice design
  • advanced functionality (more than the office and Yandex disk)
  • a lot of information and tips on how to work
  • everything works without lags
  • synchronization with all devices
  • it’s convenient to work together (the main thing is to understand)
  • it’s convenient to work with access rights
  • synchronization with folders on your computer, i.e. you can download a program with which you can work with folders on your computer, and they themselves are synchronized with the cloud, well, very convenient


  • 15 GB is not enough

I use it for personal needs, because little space. There would be more free space, I would use it more often. Of course Yandex is far away. For a long time I did not want to switch to Yandex.Disk, because that editor has a terrible editor, but there is not enough space, I had to switch to Yandex. there profitably got a lot of free storage. 

Terrible Google Drive Client


Before the creation of the Google Drive Client, it was more or less bearable, but after March 2018 HORROR. 



Lack of clarity of the system, lack of intelligible descriptions, difficulties in working together.

The impression that the developers have spoiled the service on purpose! 

Everything is fine when you have less than 10 GB


Free 15GB storage


You cannot download normally large amounts of data.

Obvious file synchronization problems, when uploading 200 GB, it took 30 days.

2 times more expensive than analogs

Difficult delete something from the disk. I constantly clean the trash can now on the device or on the disk, old files pop up at startup.

I wanted to move my data to the cloud, and as a result, it turned into a problem in which I lost some of the data I needed.

It’s okay for little things, although it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the clouds

Documents, Sharing and Just Reliable Storage


  • Available on any device
  • Access control: convenient to use for work and personal needs
  • Integrated with Google Docs (well, still not), as a result - it is convenient to solve work questions with documents requiring the participation of several people
  • Many integrations with Internet services (for example,


  • Cost - there are cheaper services, but their functionality is much lower

I have been using it for several years. There is practically no alternative service (even after switching to Apple technology) in terms of the number of integrated services and general convenience. Together with other products from Google G Suite, it is easy to organize a reliable and convenient infrastructure for your office in the cloud.

Simply the best







Not Found

I tried different services, but google drive is still the best. He simply has no downsides. You can perfectly organize your cloud, or work on projects in a team. Service integrations are very pleasing. Especially charting and design applications. Cool stuff. True, I would add the ability to screw icons to folders. But these are all little things, the service is super!

One of the three...


  1. Joint (simultaneous) work with documents
  2. Built-in editor
  3. Good synchronization speed


  1. Small volume
  2. "Weeds" when importing / exporting XLSX files

One of three cloud services I use.

Very good for brainstorming, even remote. You can discuss the price list with your partner via skype / phone and edit the same document at the same time.

It is very convenient to give customers a "read-only" link to this price list. It always remains relevant. You will forget the situation when the client has old prices or you need to send out a mailing every time the price list is updated.

The main disadvantage of Google is its volume, it is sorely lacking. Therefore, you have to use 2 additional clouds.

I respect Google


+ free

+ support with everything you can

+ really functionally it’s Google


there are none

Previously, we used Yandex.Disk, but due to the recent law in Ukraine, it became necessary to upload everything to Google disk, since it is difficult for work partners and some employees to enter the Yandex disk. The choice fell on a google drive, and there were no inconveniences.

Problems opening files from the network


Bonus 100 gigabytes when purchasing devices. ASUS


Prevents playback of * .3gpp files directly from disk from the network

In the documentation, the ability to connect additional. There seem to be applications for opening different types of files, and I’m doing everything right, but it doesn’t work! Installed programs are not added to the "open with" menu

Convenient document storage


Good integration with Google services

Simple interface

Convenient integration and display of folders on Mac computers (it’s hard to say about Windows because I haven’t used it for a long time)


Perhaps from the category of paranoia, but still at the expense of Google servers and where the data is stored and who has access to it)

Not so much free space as, for example, in the same mailing cloud

Excellent user-friendly service, good integration with other Google products. Convenient for teamwork

The best cloud!


A full-fledged office that can replace the paid Word, Excel, and PowerPoint!


There are some minor glitches with permissions.


Google disk clogs up space on purpose


Good cloud service!


You have to manually clean the trash ((((

And if you run out of space - do not rush!

For some reason, Google stores all duplicate files in the trash, and yes, you can access it only through the browser!

You have to clean it manually ((((

Convenient, but doesn’t always work


Access from any device, large volume


I didn’t immediately understand how what works and does not update files very quickly (when changing them on another device)

I only use to send large files by mail to Gmail

Google is good!


Photos and videos can be viewed and organized in both Google Photos and Google Drive. Optionally, you can create a Google Photos folder under My Drive to group your pictures and videos into subfolders. At the same time, photos that are visible in both Google Photos and Drive will not take up double the amount of space available to you in your Google account


the updated interface is not very user-friendly

Great storage for your information

Complete, functional cloud storage. Ideal for everyday needs


Ability to send large files via Gmail;

Intuitive, well-designed interface;

Quite simple settings for sharing files;

Ability to provide access by link;


I use Google Drive very often, almost several times a week. I store all kinds of files in the cloud - from graduation photos to firmware for my phone. I like the service very much, everything is clear, fast and convenient. The Disk has everything that I need for my needs. Minuses, although they probably exist, I personally did not notice.

Confusion with the rights, and so it is quite trivial


Free, Google security, secure storage.


& quot; When you upload or otherwise acknowledge the involvement of content in our services, you grant Google (and our partners) permission to use, store, reproduce, modify and adapt (for example, translation, or other changes, if necessary for better experience of our services), as well as the right to publish and publicly display this content. ’’

Regular mail, I often use GMail, Google Drive is always at hand.

Data is always at hand.


Mobile, integrated tables, easy to understand.


They are not for me

Easy to learn. 15 GB free. Everything works very smartly. Convenient - as if your computer is always at hand

A service that works wonders


Convenient, mobile, secure.


For me personally, they are not yet available

The service allows you to work with tables and other files anywhere. My accounting is always with me. I can quickly keep track of funds, take important notes and quickly access my files from anywhere. Level-up security, 2-Step Verification is great.

Google, which is almost perfect.


Ease of working with documents. Including pictures, tables.

Explosive acceleration of work on a document in a group. Especially in a highly distributed group across the country. It’s hard to imagine day-to-day work without simultaneously editing tables. It may not be important for everyone, but it is very important for me in my work.


Minus - unobvious navigation.

The main disadvantage of google disk is that it is google disk. That is, a foreign company, foreign servers.

The more documents are stacked there, the more often the thought comes - and if it is chopped off? 

Maybe on our part in connection with a change in legislation, or maybe in the form of a sanction from the west.

Sooner or later, you will have to move to another platform. Better early.

Google is clearly the best. Always ahead of others, constantly thinking about what to improve, to redo, to make it more convenient.

Google Drive is always there. Always at hand!


The advantage of this cloud service is that the optimization and integration is done at an excellent level, regardless of the platform. 

You can use it both through a web browser and through an application on a smartphone or a special "cloud" folders on your computer.


The only drawback is that those who like to store a very large volume of files will have to pay extra for the volume of the cloud itself

Great service. I advise everyone

Great service!


- Fast sync

- Automatic photo sync

- Large amount of available space

- Ability to edit documents directly in the service


- Can’t view media files

Great cloud service! Became the second, which I started using, and at the moment is the best for me. Firstly, this is the automatic synchronization of photos from all devices - a huge plus, all photos can be viewed at any time right in the cloud. Secondly, it is an opportunity to work with all documents directly in Google services, without leaving the resource. Very convenient, I advise!

The best cloud service ever!


I have been using Google Drive for a long time, I really like the integration between all Google services. For example, all files can be viewed online using Google Docs. Google Drive is also well integrated with Android, which is another huge plus for me.


No downsides.

Nice cloud service with great functionality.



-fast loading.

-automatic loading.

-files that are needed for work are always available.

-can be used on several devices at once. < / p>

a lot of memory.


needs internet. but it’s a cloud so it’s not a minus for me

just a very good thing) useful both at work and school and just in everyday life

Best cloud storage


-Easy to use


-Speed ​​



-Limitations for uploading a file in 5GB

Great storage, very relevant in 2015

I use in work


A very convenient system for maintaining small databases, used in work:

1. Setting different access levels. You can make different documents with different levels of access, for example, editing for employees, commenting for bosses, for home control and data use, but without the ability to harm the project - only viewing.

2. The very essence of the cloud system is access to documents from anywhere, where there is the Internet (and at the very least there is even an offline access function). You can forget the USB flash drive with the documents, the disk may not be read, but here you just need to remember your Google account password :)

3. Several people can work in the system at once, this is very convenient for the constant exchange of data without wasting time on sending documents by the same mail, for example. 

4. Automatic saving of data. You don’t have to worry about internet failures or blackouts. They are saved permanently as soon as you enter new data.

5. Long training of new employees is not required, because nowadays everyone knows MS office. It is much more difficult to teach a person to work in 1c or other specific databases, which are different for each employer.


Less functionality compared to a classic office. For example, Google Sheets have very inconvenient filters and data editing capabilities. The functionality can be expanded, but for a fee :) And I don’t know if it will help.

It helps a lot in my work, I practically don’t use it for home. Many systems and databases are tied to these documents, without them anywhere!

Google Cloud Features


Fast data exchange, large amount of space.


You cannot save for later backup.

One of the best cloud storage in recent years, which had to be used often.



I was dismissed from the office, and everything was in the drive, I was not removed from the list of users, I admire the bookkeeping of the office)


Heavy for mobile phones

There is where to put unnecessary

it is google and google in africa



-can work together in a document


not enough space, you have to optimize constantly

the very first cloud service I have opened, it is convenient, it has not failed yet.



Ease of use

Compatibility with other devices

Nice design


Not enough space allocated

I have been using it for a long time, I will not change it. I’m already used to it.

Google Drive There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его