Application reviews Google Docs

Didn’t love this service right away


Ease of use

Collaboration capability


Fewer features than Microsoft Office

I use it at work. At first after Word it was a little unusual, but then I mastered the program and got a taste of it. It is not necessary to save the document every time so that it is not deleted. Sharing settings are definitely cool. Although sometimes some paragraph editing features are missing

Rescue those with iOS or Linux


I don’t know why I didn’t get the obvious decision to use GoogleDocs instead of Libre Office on my Ubuntu earlier. It’s the same as Microsoft office, only free and online


You must have an application on your phone, otherwise you won’t even put a full stop and you won’t fix a typo (in other words, you can’t edit it). Annoying to have to have an app for such a little thing

Why haven’t I used this before?

All for nothing


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide functionality
  • The ability to integrate
  • Collaboration


Unstable (but rare)

When I was writing "multi-ton reports" I forgot to save in Microsoft Excel, and automatic saving did not always help (they often turn off the electricity). After a couple of such cases, I completely switched to Google Docs. Lots of chips for free. Thanks to the developers!

Best document collaboration service


A simple and full-featured text editor

There is a collaboration and editing mode

Can be integrated with your project and task management system


Not found

I have been using it for several years for a wide range of tasks: technical assignment, business requirements, drafts of articles, instructions, and more. In the process of work, you can connect colleagues using personal or shared links, everything is simple and accessible. Documents are stored on the disk, so it is difficult to lose them - folders and contest search save them. I almost forgot what MS WORD is!

Secure document archive


Access to a document anywhere in the world

Access to documents from someone else’s computer

Convenient correction of documents

Saving instantly protects against data loss


Can’t create directory or folder (only in google drive)

Only positive impressions

There is room to strive



Basic Features


Sometimes brakes

Operation instability

I don’t use this service very often to determine the exact estimate, but undoubtedly Google is working on it. I like access from any device, the ability to install the application on the phone, work together with someone, add comments to documents. Of course, the full functionality of professional editors is not implemented here, but so far this is not necessary, I would like to see a more stable product sooner.

Google Docs There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его