Application reviews Google Calendar

Convenient thing


Convenient to use, there are reminders, you can synchronize with the organizer on your computer.


Like everything so far

I have not been using it for a long time, but I can no longer live without it. I like that you can plan things for six months in advance. This is especially important for me, because I often buy tickets for performances several months in advance

Always up to date with important events


Works on a computer and on a phone

Reminders of events

It is enough to set it up well once, so that later you will have a single calendar of all your meetings and events


It seems like Google is following us, but I don’t really care

I use the service for a given that I don’t remember how and when I set it up - all the events from the mail and personal calendar are at hand, reminds me of meetings and birthdays of friends and colleagues. An inconspicuous, but probably irreplaceable assistant (it even reminds me when I need to get on a plane or to the cinema, if information about tickets came to google mail)

Flexible organizer from Google


Convenient management;

Flexible notification settings;



Ability to place public calendars on your site ;



Outdated web design.

As practice shows, most applications from Google are convenient and high-quality products. Google Calendar including. For more than one year I have been organizing my time using this application, and so far there has been no desire to go in search of an alternative option. 

In general, the application successfully copes with its tasks: Various display options, flexible management of calendars and events, the ability to share calendars, accessibility both on mobile devices and in the browser, and much more.

< p> After examining all the Google Calendar settings, it is difficult to imagine what else might be missing in it.

Convenient and simple


Ease of use

Work even with slow internet

The ability to embed a calendar on the site and in CRM

Convenient and quick search for events and people


the built-in calendar is editable only from the google account (one-way)

Convenient and simple calendar, there are several interesting analogs richer in design, but the essence of Google calendar is wonderful. I have been using it for more than 7 years. Satisfied.

Google calendar


Easy integration for all platforms.

a bunch of add-ons.

Mail integration



All calendars on all devices have been synchronized for a long time. Birthdays come from the contact.

I also made an SMS notification about new letters on the gmail

Somewhere arrived, somewhere left



Support for events from Gmail

Synchronize with other applications


Instead of a calendar, an organizer

Cut the main functions

Miscellaneous errors

The application itself, although useful, adequately implemented, but when it comes to specific functions, little things and convenience, the calendar from Google turns into a nightmare. In addition, in the latest versions, the service turns rather into some kind of to-do planner with very stripped down options and settings. It seems that it was beautiful and remains, but with the rest of the directions (even with the widget), the company let us down.

Google Calendar There is a free plan