Application reviews Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Everything you need for a startup


Reliability - the chance that Google will fall is equal to the fact that the Internet will disappear all over the world, that is, only if the apocalypse comes.

Teamwork - joint work on projects? Easy!

Services - there are not only office solutions like Google Docs and Gmail, but also quite decent Hangouts, Google Calendar and other goodies.

Security - finely configurable security policies. True, they are not very friendly with employees’ smartphones, as there is a conflict between personal and work accounts.


Subscription is expensive for Russia, especially if it is a "business" tariff.

Google’s suite of solutions left a pleasant experience, only the price bites.

It just works


Everything integrates very coolly with all other equipment and infrastructure - everything is synchronized everywhere, a common login works everywhere, there is SAML which can be used to control access to third-party services.


Connecting "external" applications is somehow complicated and somehow everything is not so hot there /

A super solution to quickly ensure the work of the office - without setting anything up and without special bearded administrators. 

And the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not come and "seize" your servers.

Extremely good


editing files with colleagues

lots of tricks

mobile clients

good interface

flexible services


small bugs, slow work in several services

Google has presented a wide range of services for work, and for many professions, and not any particular industry. Of course, I will not talk about typical services for the masses, but tables, documents, forms, storage are pleasing to the eye ... Besides, there were no serious problems with their applications.

Large package of services


A lot of possibilities

Mobile apps

Collaborate with data


Speed ​​of some services

To say that Google has a lot of services is to say nothing. The company has tried to provide common users and businesses with a good range of products. There are messages through Hangouts, and Google+, and storage of files in Drive, and storage of corporate data, and the formation of tables, and the creation of forms. I love everything about these developments.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) There is a free plan Мы используем этот сервис в Startpack и рекомендуем его