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A service for automatically synchronizing files of all sizes on the web and through your PCs at work or at home.

Dropbox description

Dropbox is a cloud storage service for a wide variety of files with advanced features. Features of the service:

  • Synchronize files of any size or type.
  • Synchronize Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  • Automatic synchronization when files change.
  • Different levels of access to different folders (from public to personal with a link to a file). Several people can work with files at once.
  • Synchronize files on the web and through your PCs automatically.
  • Working with files offline. Changes will be synchronized as soon as your computer is connected to the Internet again.
  • Instantly see other people’s changes and notifications about them.
  • Online backup. Automatic backup of files. Plus restore files and folders and previous versions of files.
  • Web access to the application and data on all types of devices and systems. Copies of files are stored on secure Dropbox servers.
  • Working with documents via Office Online.
  • "Showcase" - helps to share working documents with partners and clients, track work status and see who reviewed what

The service has also acquired a Dropbox Paper tool. This is a beta version of the GTD tool with options to add notes and collaborate with several users on one document.

Interesting facts


Dropbox contacts

Website: https://www.dropbox.com/
Email: info@getdrop.com
Founded in 2007 
Located in USA

Prices for Dropbox

Minimum 0 $
Check out Trial period 0
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Payment method: By subscription 0
It’s free 2GB, you have to pay $10 per month to increase to 1TB.

Dropbox features

Security and privacy

Check out Protocol access HTTPS Data between you and the service is transmitted over an encrypted channel (SSL / TLS), which excludes their interception by intruders. 77
Check out Multi-factor authentication The combined use of several factors reduces the risk of data leakage (in addition to a password, cards, fingerprint scanners, and others are used). 40
No Backing up in multiple locations Backing up your data to multiple independent locations makes it virtually impossible for it to be lost or damaged. 56


No Included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs The service is in the register, which the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia created in accordance with article 12.1 of the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and information protection", in order to expand the use of Russian programs, to confirm their origin and support copyright holders. 43

Collaboration and personal effectiveness

Check out Notifications 32
Check out Access control 17
Check out Search and filters 30
No Comments 18

Cloud storage


At the time of uni, it made life much easier

While studying, almost all teachers threw their textbooks and other materials into our dropbox. A very handy thing, you go from any device, from a tablet or a computer - and now everything is in front of your eyes. Not the coolest phone, of course, but it depends on which one. I was not very nimble, so I did not pull large volumes.

Simple and easy to exchange documents

Great service. We have been using it in the company for a long time. Previously used more often, because disseminated through it information about promotions and new items. In 2020 we switched to Unicraft for training. They began to use it less intensively. But nevertheless, the service did not get any worse from this. He solves his problems perfectly!

Application speed dropped to 1-4mb / sec and does not rise




download speed dropped to 1-4

Can someone tell me.

Dropbox application on the computer.

There was a speed of 10-11 megabytes, for two weeks the speed was 1-4 Mb / s and it does not rise with a speed test of 93-94 megabits .

So from the application uploading to servers 10-11 megabits, and downloading 1-4.

If you download a file through the web 10-11, and through the application 1-4 .

The provider says that these are the drop servers.

The drop says that the provider cuts.

what to do? I download approximately 20-30tb per month.

Convenient and syncs well


synchronization between multiple devices works great

you can get a lot of space for free

user-friendly interface

we also use a corporate account


Everything is OK!

Excellent file storage, convenient and reliable



  • easy to use
  • reliable

As a person who buried 4 computers at the most inopportune moment, I can say with confidence: reliable cloud storage is a very important and convenient thing.

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