Application reviews Bitbucket

Freebie and sweet vinegar


Free private repositories


Inconvenient interface

In general, you can use the service, the availability of free private repositories is captivating. But the interface is extremely awkward, especially in comparison with Github

Like GitHub, only easier


Everything you need from a version control system

There is a free plan with private repositories

There are projects and teams, it is convenient to work on joint projects

Integrated with JIRA , there is a bug tracker

You can integrate with your systems


Not as popular as GitHub

I use it for personal projects that I do not share with the public. Even the free plan has private repositories. In terms of functionality, it almost does not differ from GitHub, but does not have such a large community, it is mainly used for closed projects.

Good and stable service.


Over 1.5 years of use through the cloud, I have never dropped.


Inconveniently made comments to commits.

Slows when displaying PullRequests.

The main thing is stability. & nbsp; There was an attempt to move to GitLab, but when it constantly submitted, we returned to the good old Bitbucked .. In the end, we decided to work only on it. I am ready to forgive some of the disadvantages of the brakes for its stability.

Bitbucket There is a free plan