Application reviews amoCRM

terrible tech support


no better than analogs


awful tech support, it’s impossible to get through, fix a bug or help the same. why don’t you strive to be customer-oriented? you will lose all your clients like this

described above

Wasted money




The worst tech support, support does not care about you at all, spent money to work on Insta, in fact it is impossible to work, they respond to support once a day, in the style of "we passed the request to specialists".

Before you paid, they called every day, how to help you, etc., as you paid, no one needs you anymore. In fact, wasted money.

Yard LAN support would have worked better


The support team responds at best 3 hours after submitting the request. They answer with stereotyped messages, absolutely do not help

They got numbers that are not indicated anywhere, they say on the phone that they have passed the request to those specialists and nothing happens

They promise to call back and do not call back

1 out of 5 is too much for this junk

extremely negative

Support Complaints


The most convenient CPM for settings


All complaints to employees who serve on a technical basis. The technical support is very weak. I have never met such a terrible service in my life. When any problems arise, they respond the next day and we will have to wait more than a day for them to answer and the problem is also solved for a very long time. I would rate it below zero if asked from 0 to 10. Most terrible service and most irresponsible staff. Too much negligence in his work. I’m disappointed

No need to say, technical support is weak

Functional and understandable CRM


A simple functional option for the sales department, an intuitive interface. A large number of integrations and widgets in the marketplace that allow you to expand the standard functionality.


The standard functionality lacks the ability to make your own analysis of the sales funnel according to the specified parameters.

Nice, affordable option that’s easy to set up for the job. Sometimes the functionality of transferring dates in tasks from the task log works inadequately, specifically, I really lacked the ability to change the date of the transaction, but it’s easy to get used to it) In general, one of the best and balanced Russian CRM.

They are only interested in your money.


Nice appearance, convenience, price.


Reporting stopped working. Incorrectly displays data, reports are not received by mail. The support replied that they would not deal with my particular case, they would not compensate for anything either.

While everything is working, ok. Once a problem has appeared, it is not solved. We are planning a transition to another CRM.

No words




not working, disgusting support, no money back

I really have no words. This is the first time in my life that I have met such a terrible service. 1 5 is even too high a mark, I would put a minus if there was a possibility.



During the test period, everything worked well, it cost me to pay for the subscription (you can pay for at least half a year). Everything stopped working. Each action lasted 5-10 minutes.

& nbsp; And I thought, okay, there are technical problems everywhere, I turned to technical support, etc. From the first message I realized that I wasted my money ..

When I explained to them the second time that the problem was not in the settings, but that everything just stopped, then they did a "favor" to see what was going on.


They asked me to describe the problem in detail. I described it, and recorded everything with screenshots with timers. I sent about 15 screenshots showing the service delay.


And I think, okay, it’s okay, now they should help))). As a result, they sent me a letter with a bunch of spelling errors, as if it was written by a child, they say, the service works fine, and the screenshots are most likely not real.

- Yes, because I have nothing else to do how to fake screenshots and swear with support))).


I asked for a refund. To which he was politely sent. Now I understand why they have at least half a year payment. After all, no one would take this sharashkin office for more than 1 month.


my rating is -100 out of 5

Very user-friendly CRM


I often use Bitrix24 and compare it for a client with Amo. So in AMOCRM there is no heap of functions that are in Bitrix, which makes AMO more convenient. This is the situation that less = in some cases better.

With Amo figured out quickly. I had a client who made a website on Bazium and who wanted to connect AMOCRM. The integration took 30 minutes.


Expensive for me, but what is cheap now? )

I would define Amo - like Trello, but only with analytics and more sharpening for sales



Very functional, really the best CPM on the market. The digital funnel is cool, it automates processes, the interface is very simple and fast.


Expensive, sometimes drops, support is slow.

A tool that works, albeit not without problems.

Basic functionality does not work


Appearance, simplicity


Basic functionality does not work with merging deals. The problem has been hanging for more than 2 (two) weeks unresolved. To say that this is a disaster would be very gentle. Those support knows nothing, asks to wait. Losses, expenses, nerves.

This is the same as if you were given insurance - in the form of a scuba gear, fins, a suit. And you went on a deep dive. And then your vital devices start to fail and you suffocate. The end! Nobody can help you - this is about amoCRM.

Shameless, sorry, low, NOT SERIOUS.

If there are analogs of amo - better look at them ...

I’m terribly sorry to have contacted AMO CRM !!


there are so many negative emotions that one of the advantages does not even remember anything


in their advertising they perfectly tell how everything works great for them, what integrations they have, but in reality these integrations do not work, or they work through a stump deck! And technical support does not help AT ALL - they answer for a long time, they ask to throw screenshots, but in the end they just drag out for time and then give a formulaic answer that they say it does not work now, and then it will work. When asked when it will work (day / week / month / six months), they always answer - we cannot give an answer. And the answer really is - never! half a year suffered with them, so much time and nerves were wasted killed! I would never recommend anyone to contact their product and their "service"!

terrible CRM, everything is buggy, falls off, crashes and just does not work, and technical support is aware of all the problems, but does nothing, this is the worst technical support! How can you sell such a buggy product! Used from September 2020 to March 2021

Constantly buggy, especially integration. Doesn’t work at all today

Bugs, slows down, integrations and widgets are especially buggy, disabled, reset settings. Today CRM itself does not work at all, which prompted me to write a review

Feedback on the program and service


Good functionality, a lot of things you can implement.


Synchronization, Technical support, Search / filter, Mail is connected as a source, a contact is created with an integrated mailbox, not a convenient support chat

We have been doing this (implementation) for a year. already with the second partner whom we picked up at AMO, which has been merging us in recent months.

The first ones

Very weak, they advised us to AMO. For 3-4 months they could not configure anything, even a normal funnel.

The second ones

Strong enough, solved some of the problems that the previous ones could not solve .

With the emergence of new problems, they simply started to get lost and do not finish the job, due to the laboriousness, as I understand it, it is more interesting to take money from new clients.

Problems are constantly flies synchronization, we have mail on, at first it is not recognized by AMOCRM for months. Then after the recognition of the standard response of support, that in the process of an endless solution. I will give it credit for 2 months, but subject to the loss of 10 months, this is.

Currently recognized by AMOCRM and unsolved problems.

p.1 Synchronization of letters from mail does not work. ru in amocrm.

p.2. Mail is connected as a source, a contact is created with an integrated mailbox.

p.3. The letter did not get into the parser.

p.4 The filter in the mail section does not work correctly.

 those screenshots that they ask for is nonsense.

If anyone has encountered similar problems, write if there is a solution.

Worst tech support ever encountered


easy to use


Technical support. The word support does not correspond to the service. Those. no support. Faced a serious security issue - zero reaction. 3 weeks have passed, the issue is still being resolved.

Not recommended. As soon as we find an alternative, let’s move on.

Partner department bottom


We like the system itself, sells well, easy to customize, good advertising


Disgusting affiliate department, they wanted to conclude an affiliate program, they gathered employees from top integrators, paid for the office, connected everything, and amoSRM refused without explaining the reasons, they just refused as they wanted! Moreover, the employees of this department speak as if tsars were sitting there. Professionalism at the bottom !!

We signed an affiliate program with Bitrix, which makes us very happy!

As a business partner we do not recommend!

Love amo, the basic functions work great. But there are nuances.


Convenience, basic functions.


Technical support


A bunch of broken or crooked functions

Updates come out often, new features are added, but then they seem to be hammered into them: most of them either do not work or work crookedly, or are not applicable for most businesses. & nbsp;

Also, the system periodic bugs, sometimes lags last for months, and even there are days that it is almost impossible to work.

For example, from the same update "December 2020" - combining duplicates is useless, since it does not work with all sources and it only for transactions, but you need a system for contacts. A regular widget copes with this much better, but not ideal. & Nbsp;

Flexible reports - they are not flexible at all, there are few options to customize for yourself, you can work only with buyers, but I would like to work with deals. It would be cool if you could design your reports like in Google documents: you take the results of any filter and perform any mathematical tricks with it, and then display the results in the form you need. & Nbsp;

I was not satisfied, key indicators still have to be taken out of the AMO and kept in tables.

And from past updates there are many such "stillborn" functions that were rolled out and scored. Also, those support is the worst I have ever met. & Nbsp;

Who to take an example from? - Monobank, they have the best support I’ve ever seen.

3.а. I’m not saying AMO is shit. Amo is super, without him it’s like no hands, but I would like good support and that the innovations really work. So that before the release, we find a test group of clients who will test innovations in their businesses. I would 100% agree to such an offer.

Andrey Poznyak.

Poor government support or worse


Everything except support more or less


Support responds in at least half a day, and if it answers a question with a question, only once a month answers the question properly

as if there are 1 or 2 people in the company who know something, the rest simply refer to anything to get rid of the question and then do not understand why more and more questions arise from customers

Bugs, bugs, bugs


Instagram Integration


Leaky product, bugs, written by novice programmers, unsafe to use.

Leaky product, bugs, written by novice programmers, unsafe to use.

There are still so many bugs to look for.

Even basic things do not work - logs and password recovery.

The interface is slow, integrations fall off on the go.

Tech. support ignores requests.

I would be afraid to contact such a service again, especially who cares about their data.

Disgusting support behavior !!

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the AmoCRM program. Disgusting Tech Support job (0 out of 10), nothing works. We tried for a week to establish at least some kind of business process - it did not work! Money is not returned! They don’t want to work. Disgusting attitude towards customers! Disgusting system! Disgusting experience! Think 1000 times before giving them money!

A nightmare


sometimes you work. rarely. very rare.


is an unusually leaky program, when it crashes and where is the mystery. from what happened: false notifications about customer letters, when they are not there, there are no notifications about customer letters when they are, the inability to send a letter to the client, it is impossible to receive a letter from the client, the inability to call the client, the inability to create a deal, it is impossible to close the deal, in large quantities transactions are duplicated, tasks are massively duplicated, old letters from customers are unexpectedly reloaded ... the support service cannot be called efficient. Something breaks almost every day. A program designed to make work easier in fact makes it sooooo much more difficult.

Dear developers, you don’t give a shit about such a program in your hands. How can your conscience prevent you from sleeping peacefully when you sell this g *** but for money.

flexible, efficient, but expensive)


super flexibility and innovation in this area of ​​sales


costs money and quite a lot! we are used to lower costs for services that cannot be touched

this thing tripled our sales in a year

This is hell (((


Integration with social networks works in 15% of cases.


In 85% it does not work.

We made a mailing to the client base in Telegram, after which the integration fell off completely, and we did not receive a single response from clients. Rather, they wrote to us, but the messages in CRM did not come.

Everything falls off, does not work stably. Technical support checks 1 case with itself, and does not pay attention to the fact that, in general, half of the messages do not reach us.

It is better not to have CRM than to use AmoCRM.

A great way to lose customers.

The best sales tool !!!

I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs a sales system. Everything is very convenient and handy. There are a lot of & nbsp;


100% best CRM for sales department


We have changed a large number of CRM systems for the sales department. We stopped at AmoCRM, as it is the only system that WORKS and HELPS sell without any complicated settings. Undoubtedly, this is a leader or at least one of the leaders in the field of Online CRM.


The page loading speed is a little slower than we would like.

AmoCRM is a must-have service in the arsenal of an adult company that works with sales funnels.

They began to deliberately put a spoke in the wheels in order to make money


If we consider the product as an idea, the code - there are few equal to it. Super.


Service. Sooner or later, it will start to behave differently than you expect.

Apparently, the crisis forces us to look for new ways to make money from clients. Their API started to fail, the authorization process according to their own example on a separate account (which hints at the fact that he was chosen) one time out of five (approximately) responds with "unidentified error zero". The API is used to publish customer cards, deals and calls from telephony. Their Asterisk widget (from a partner) is used only to display a window on a call and has nothing to do with the process of publishing cards, deals and calls, this is implemented ONLY through the API. And we have the above problem.

Several days of communication with TP - like peas against a wall. "For our part, we see unsuccessful synchronizations" - they are DISCONNECTED BY US, because we have our OWN PUBLICATION SYSTEM through YOUR API. Your own PHP script, based on YOUR EXAMPLES, and YOUR API IS BLUCKING.

In response - a prepared text, "If you want, we can fill out an application for your tasks ourselves, after that at least 5 partners will contact you , who will offer ready-made solutions and the cost of implementation. & nbsp; ". That is, for your "partners" you will turn off the "sometimes buggy" checkbox?

Of the popular CRMs, we settled on it, the cons are not so critical and you can live,


nice interface

mobile app availability

many integrations

Russian support


not all integrations work smoothly, with almost every added integration, you must first play with a tambourine for the system to work

the most necessary functionality for normal operation in the most expensive version

Of the popular CRMs, we stopped at it, the cons are not so critical and you can live, there are more pluses

although there is much further development, definitely

CRM is not for people


Nice look.

A lot of functions for integration (but they constantly fall off or work "like that")


Tech support is the bottom! 

There is no money back, do not pay for a long time, if you are disappointed, the money will not be returned to you.

Something constantly falls off.

They carry out work without warning, and do not care that you are in the process of work.

Not loyal to customers.

I won’t name a trash heap, but overall service is rather disgusting.

Work with amoCRM - LOSE CLIENTS!

buggy dump


is conditionally simple. many integrations.


-Technical support is disgustingly useless. can only deal with bureaucracy and give unsubscriptions.

-The built-in mailer has the functionality of 2000. writing emails in HTML code is a hassle.

-Even the obvious functionality is missing. I wrote them wishes for revision a million times, nothing has changed for many years.

-The cost of the CRM itself is small, but since it has little functionality, you will have to pay extra x3 to its partners, who will supply their paid widgets. < / p>

-strong feeling that the developers themselves don’t give a damn about this product.

negative. a lot of nerves wasted, instead of doing work

Not a bad CRM for salespeople and as a starting option


User-friendly interface

Easy in initial settings

Virtually no training required

Many third-party integrations

Convenient customer card, where you can see the entire history of interaction (entered)

the functionality of the system is small, but precisely because of this, managers love it at first - nothing superfluous

Adequate cost


Do you want to get adequate statistics that you need, and not that you are offered? - then you have 2 options:

1) upload to Excel and work with pens

2) pay integrators for customizing and creating the reports you need - it costs decent money or buy ready-made add-ons, but for them you will pay several times more than for the CRM itself constantly

Do you want calls to be loaded? (and this will be necessary for you), then please switch to cloud telephony (we had our own Astresk) and pay integrators. 

Free integrations often stop working ... and you won’t know about it until you notice that calls have disappeared somewhere for several days already ... contacting AMO support is a complete trash .. . their task is to give a standard answer and close the ticket as quickly as possible - your question will not be resolved.

If you want to segment your customer base - it is terribly inconvenient and then you still have to upload it to Excel in order to work with it further < / p>

The declared functionality sometimes stops working - you do not know when it will happen. For example, the check for duplicates sometimes does not work and duplicates are created, search by filters and by keywords gives different values, although you are looking for the same thing - accordingly, the trust in the system drops sharply ... how can you trust it ?! not a single integrator initially could believe us, but in fact they could not explain the confirmed phenomena

Letters and calls take a long time to load (from several hours to a day) - neither support nor other integrators could explain this either more fix

Mainly we chose between Bitrix24 and AMO - we chose AMO, because the speed of implementation, adaptation and clarity of the interface of Amo is many times higher and faster. Have been using AMO CRM for 3 years. It took 3 months to implement and configure and train managers, plus a couple more months to test the processes and their tuning (digital pipeline, triggers for transactions and transitions from one funnel to another) in the system. If you want to use CRM to good use, be prepared to invest still decent sums on improvements and additions and the nerves of interacting with support that ignores you, considers you an idiot and closes applications without their decision. I recommend paying attention to Yclients - either as an addition to AMO or as a separate solution that will replace CRM for you.

CRM for people


Flexibility. Functionality. Focus on sales.

amoCRM performs all the necessary tasks for interaction with clients, and if something is missing, you can always contact the specialist integrators and finish it.

Lost data, hacked account, no call records? Krivorukost administrator or owner, or worse - ordered implementation on freelance for 5000 rubles.

I recommend amoCRM to everyone, do not try to do everything yourself, and then be disappointed in the service and in yourself, it is better to go straight to a normal integrator. < / p>

It boiled. I never write reviews, but this is the limit.




Technical support is just freezing! Nothing works, but all one answer is "disable everything and we’ll see." How can I turn everything off if I have a workflow going on? Auto letters are not sent, calls are being pulled into the wrong cards. It is impossible to reach them by phone! They answer in the chat every 3-4 hours and with memorized phrases! They always have everyone to blame. They say telephony is to blame. Ok, I sent them everything from telephony. Attention! The problem has not been solved for more than 4 months !!! The problem is obviously on their side after the update! But the calls are still on the wrong cards, and a search by number gives random results!

They just killed all the desire to work with them. I am looking for a new CRM.

Complete bullshit




nothing works, no support

successfully "flunked" the SIP connection, support is silent for several hours, in the end they just kicked off. Not recommended.

API ... avno




API support

Colleagues, would you like to work with this service through the API? You’d better think about this solution a hundred times.

Today it works like this, tomorrow it will be different. Today it works according to the documentation, tomorrow the same integration will not work. The documentation does not correspond to reality at times.

You might think anything can happen .... and if you write in support, with a specific list of jambs, they will fix everything. BUT NO!!!!! Even if you attach screenshots from the documentation and a screen of how it works NOW, you will still be told that this is impossible. Guys, how do you get hired there? A script that has been running for two years can stop working overnight. You find a jamb, go to the TP and write that something broke for them during the night (with a screen where to look for the problem) ..... and you get the answer that it DOES NOT HAPPEN. I have everything.

Complete shit



I don’t see them if I wanted to!


The system works disgustingly, letters to the mail simply do not reach, the search engine works every other time, it is impossible to determine a certain position passed through the system or again glitches, there is no technical support, I have been trying to convey the problem to them for 2 months, but it is not alone, but one gets the impression that they are trying in every possible way to complicate the situation just not to resolve the issue, letters do not come for several hours, it happens that transactions themselves move from column to column due to which the order flies, for a long time I tried to find a common language with them, but to be honest, bypass this system, your work will not work out so well!

In test mode, everything works as it should, as soon as you become an AMO client, everything starts to glitch!

The mail client in amoCRM works disgustingly.


  1. The service is quite easy to learn, unlike Bitrix24, which will have to get used to. 
  2. Convenient tracker of tasks and deals.
  3. Quickly configurable.


  1. The mail inside amoCRM is disgusting, technical support says mail is not their strong point, keep correspondence through some mail client. In my opinion, mail is one of the most important communications when working with a client, and if you use the mail client separately, the convenience of CRM is greatly reduced. Glitches with mail: there are simply no letters, but they are (and it may not be for several hours - a day, attachments disappear, not an intuitive search, you cannot just reply to a letter)
  2. There is an application, but we practically do not use it, because it’s not intuitive (it’s more a matter of taste)

If the mail situation does not improve, you will have to go back to choosing a CRM system, because this is critical. 

Everything is bad




What do not take up is a problem. CRM constantly hangs, after each update something flies. On the line, waiting for a response from support, you can hang around for about 15 minutes, managers most often do not help, but say: "I don’t know how this can happen, I don’t understand what’s the matter", or redirect the problem to support widgets. In turn, widget partners are a headache. They do not understand not only crm, but also their own services. 

Never, and under any circumstances, do not put this system, every day you will be upset. Previously I worked with Bitrix, there were no complaints at all, everything was fast and everything was extra. the functions were from them, and not from left-wing contractors. 





Every day something hangs, something loses. If you write to those support, you will receive an answer after 18:00 and this will not be a solution, it will be a series of questions, up to the fact that you attach a screen) But during the day the problem is not solved by 90%! Support score - 1 minus. 

All functionality is paid! All that is free is not convenient and not enough! All settings - through integrators who write additional codes, modules. After each update, all your purchased codes and modules, widgets that you have been introducing for several months - fly off and require constant improvement. All this is long and inexpressibly expensive. 

Integrators, even from the top, are not a guarantee that everything will be ok!

AMO is outright shit, whoever says anything, do not believe it! It looks like a pyramid scheme

AMO is outright shit, whoever says anything, do not believe it! It looks like a pyramid scheme

I have been suffering for 3 years, the conclusions are well-grounded.

Those. support

The work of those support is disgusting, there is no feedback, it is impossible to get through, and in writing when you contact the bot answers. Creepy updates after which the program does not work correctly. Please take action and improve the quality of technical support

The complete inadequacy of those. support.

In the work of those support, you can cry in silence, for two years I have been working with amoCRM as an integrator. 

I will not describe all the pain, but just attach a couple of screenshots. 

  • In short, I’m very angry

The technical support works great.

Apparently, users who wrote negative reviews ended up on irresponsible integrators, no more.

On the official website of the system there is a section with verified and certified integrators, the choice is very wide.

No technical support


Constant bugs in the program, technical support answers the phone at best 1 out of 3 times, while you are waiting for at least 6-7 minutes to wait for a response. There is still no answer in the telegram bot, how to communicate is not clear.

in times of such competition in crm systems, such a service is allowed only if you are free

Do not recommend


No pluses. 


( support does not know those) registration through social networks just fell off. That is, the user wants to register, but the bot does not answer him. 

It is also impossible to get through to them. Technical support responds once a day! 

Technical support not responding, bugs, interruptions in work, lack of analytics


Relatively user-friendly interface


Technical support either responds for a very long time or does not respond at all. The last two requests were not answered at all, now we have a job due to a bug in the system, support is silent. I do not recommend starting with amo.

We worked with amo for half a year. We recently renewed our subscription, but it would be better if we spent time implementing a more reliable system.

We are trying to load the next data into the system, we do everything as before, but the download does not work. Support is not responding. The owner of the company deletes comments with an attempt to draw attention to the support of his "service". In general, there is no connection and the problem is not solved. I highly do not recommend this system to anyone.

Another inconvenience:

  • complete absence of sane analytics, so that it is unrealistic to use it
  • lack of manual sorting of transactions in funnel
  • it is impossible to display transactions in the card for viewing the necessary data, therefore it is inconvenient to assess the funnel at a glance and understand what is the priority to process now

The system is suitable for a small number of transactions, with a staff of a couple of people. Managing a sales department of more than 3 people through AMO is already becoming very difficult. We encountered loading problems when the data volume was less than 8 thousand transactions (leads). For starting a business, the system still somehow works, for growth it can no longer cope.



Nice interface


Cons - everything else. 

The tech support is terrible. Does she even exist or just a bot that responds with charming templates? Call me? Get ready to sit on the phone all day to get a set of on-call phrases instead of answers. 

Amo hanging? And you are with her. Dear client, do you want a joke while my CRM is hanging?

I didn’t have enough nerves for this system. I am already silent about how she pumps money out of you for this, for this and for the fifth. At first I was generally disillusioned with CRM systems. But now I use CRM Zoomia and everything would be done without errors.

Colleagues, choose the system carefully.

I hope I don’t have to deal with her again

AMO crm - not for people



Technical support seems to be deliberately trolling you by asking stupid "clarifying" questions to "identify the problem" and then supposedly conducting "diagnostics" - but they do not solve the problem in any way. 

Expensive and no support


For the cost of a Lamborghini, you buy a Lego constructor that collects a maximum of Lada. There is practically no basic functionality. All the interest is in automation, but the best widgets cost the extra money. That, in addition to the very expensive cost of a basic service (12 thousand rubles per year per user), is simply pointless.

In addition, I would like to add that the service itself is terribly slow and often freezes. The service responds to requests carelessly with a very long delay. 

This is a shame for Skolkovo. 

Everything is relative


If only for sales, then it will do

good looks


I didn’t have enough functionality

still too expensive for such a filling

sorry, but the price for such a product is clearly overpriced, 2 stars.

AMO crm - not for people


Seems simple at first glance


Disgusting support service, improvements are not very successful, but there are no necessary ones. From December 13 & nbsp; when changing the data in the transaction card and listening to the conversation at the same time, the recording spontaneously accelerates (for which this function of changing the recording speed was generally introduced). Nobody is in a hurry to fix problems, although you bought a subscription and cannot work normally. Very weak analytics for the Advanced tariff, you cannot set your own analytics filter by the required indicators. All additional applications you really need are paid. In total, it comes out not cheap. Integration with 1C in Belarus does not work. although at the presentations in Minsk they showed how cool it is!

Not recommended!

Apparently, now, all efforts at the conference


Not a bad system for starting and closing minimal basic tasks.


Permanent brakes and glitches. 

Inoperability of the sales funnel and automatic actions.

Buggy API and uncontrolled quality of partner widgets, which leads to the service stoppage.

Catastrophic level of technical support

Nice-looking interface in real scenarios of use, inconvenient and ill-conceived

Unfortunately, the longer we work, the more negativity. Resigned to appallingly incompetent support. Resigned to broken widgets (just disabled). Somehow we got used to extra clicks to perform typical actions. But we cannot accept the fact that lately the system periodically "hangs" and basic scenarios do not work. 

If you need basic customer accounting and manual sales management - welcome to Amo.

In scenarios where automation, managerial and metrics control is needed, the system is seriously "junk".

Strongly not recommended.

expensive and cumbersome


Lots of features, reliable.


We have a small enterprise and this crm system is too cumbersome and complicated for us. It has a lot of functions that we do not need, but the necessary ones are not quite at hand. So we decided to try looking for a new crm. Terrible technical support, the system thinks for a very long time and slows down hard!

If you are looking for something convenient and effective, then it is better to try zoomia, it adapts better to your needs.